What’s amp Got to Do With It?

You’ve likely heard us mention, once or twice, a little software product called SMART amp. Celebrating its first birthday in the spring, amp is already used and loved by many learners around the world. But I’ll bet that some of you reading this aren’t 100% sure what SMART amp actually does.

While talking with teachers at ISTE this year, I quickly realized that amp is so innovative that it’s not yet widely understood. ISTE conversations about amp often led to questions like:

“It’s for BYOD, right?” (It is.)

“Isn’t it, like, Notebook in the cloud?” (It’s not.)

“Want to come to the Gaggle party?” (I do.)

The point is, you can’t sum up how powerful SMART amp is in 140 characters. Sort of like trying to explain a SMART Board 20 years ago, words simply don’t do justice to the difference it makes in a classroom.

Short of trying it for yourself, the best way to understand amp is to see it in action, and to hear educators talk about what it’s done for their students. Colin, one of the developers who first brought SMART amp to the world, gives a great overview in this video:


Cool, right? Well there’s more. This video goes deeper into amp’s features by walking through the steps of running a lesson in SMART amp:


When we show amp to customers, there’s always a lot of excitement in the room. One of the things we find really resonates is the prospect of better classroom equity in schools and districts that aren’t standardized on a single type of student device. SMART Exemplary Educator Lisa Diner shares why this is important to her classrooms:


The other thing our customers say makes amp more than just another content creation tool is its ability to let students work together, simultaneously, in shared workspaces using their devices. SEEs Judy Sackville and Sandra Chow explain what this has meant to their students:



It’s incredibly satisfying to hear from educators what a difference SMART amp has made to their students, because that’s exactly what we intended to do. When we say “education comes first”, it means we design products based on what educators, parents and students tell us they need. In other words, we made amp just for you.

I’ll leave you with a few words from Giancarlo about our vision for amp and what it will help learners achieve. We can’t wait to hear more about how it inspires you and your students take your learning and collaboration to the next level.

You’ve seen the video, now try amp for yourself! It’s free for 90 days. What better way to start off 2015 with your students than to give them a new way to take charge of their learning?

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Sarah Richards is a Brand Strategist at SMART, on a mission to bring students together and empower educators through technology. Sarah works from Vancouver, Canada.

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