Amping up a Spanish Classroom

Two teachers, two different classes in different rooms are working together on the same lesson activity in an unbound digital workspace. This is a collaboration scenario you will often see at SEK, an International school in Pontevedra, Spain. SEK started with SMART amp in the beginning of 2014. They were one of the first schools worldwide implementing a pilot. For almost 12 months teachers and students gained lots of expertise using SMART amp.

Have a look into a lesson:

Gonzalo introduces today’s team exercise.

Students log into SMART amp to get started. 

Gonzalo Garcia is their ICT Coordinator and Math teacher and teaches one of the classes.

In groups of 5 the kids have to collaboratively plan a trip with a given budget, discover the place and decide on what they have to spend money for and find how to get from airport to hotel. But at first they identify the name of 3 cities located at certain points by given coordinates, and write it down in the unbound workspace.  Whenever they add an image or map this is immediately visible for their team members working with them on another floor. They found out the minimum distances between city A, B and C in their teams. A math lesson which had very much to do with every day life.

SEK students collaborate on their projects in groups of 5.

An image or map needs to be added to each location that has been identified.

To present their results in front of the class they share their workspaces in SMART amp so it appears in the SMART Board.

The school also participated in a European Project called iTEC. In iTEC (Innovative Technologies for Engaging Classrooms, 2010-2014), European Schoolnet worked with education ministries, technology providers and research organisations to transform the way that technology is used in schools. SEK piloted SMART amp in the last cycle of the iTEC project.

So how to get up and running successfully with SMART amp?

From an administrative standpoint, Gonzalo says, SMART amp is very easy to implement, because you don’t have to support on software or hardware – everything is online.

“Training is very important”, says one of the teachers, “but a collaborative environment is a very strong point, too.” The teachers at SEK are helping each other and sharing ideas at an extraordinary level. They live the collaborative attitude – and teach it to their students very effectively to prepare them for university and their future workspaces.

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Which experiences did you make working with SMART amp’s unbound workspace? Tell us in a comment below!

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