How to Bridge iPad and SMART Board with SMART Notebook Maestro

If you have an iPad, a SMART Board and SMART Notebook software, you’re probably one of the many, many educators who sent us requests to find a better way of enabling interaction between these two technologies during whole-class learning moments.

At first, we listened. Then we spent a lot of time in classrooms to find out what it was that you really wanted to do with those devices. We realized that you need to go beyond what’s possible with a simple screensharing app, so we decided to take one step farther to leverage the power of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and Notebook software as well as the power of your iPad.

The result is an add-on called SMART Notebook Maestro — bridging your classroom’s technology together with true two-way interaction. While some learning moments are most effectively communicated at the SMART Board, we recognized that the iPad enables educators the freedom to be untethered anywhere in the classroom and engage students throughout the room. Maestro facilitates that freedom to continue the lesson remotely – to connect and interact with SMART Notebook content from your iPad using the SMART Notebook iPad app and Maestro add-on. When you write something or manipulate content on the SMART Board, it shows up on the iPad and vice versa.

This is how it works: Go to your Notebook iPad app, click Connect to SMART Board and scan the QR code that shows up when you click on the add-on on the SMART Board.

You will need:

  1. An active subscription to SMART Notebook Advantage 14.2 or higher, so Notebook Maestro will show up in your add-ons tab.
  2. An update of your SMART Notebook app for iPad to the latest version (2.3 or higher)
  3. Download and install the Maestro add-on on your computer (#3 on this page)

Watch the full video tutorial that includes real lesson examples. The blog’s edtech insights contributor and education strategist Giancarlo Brotto walks you through some ideas here.

Need more info? Click here.

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