Pi Day! 14 Ideas From Global Educators

Did you know that Pi Day is a global education event? And we’re here to show you that pi goes beyond  mathematics and baking enthusiasts (although there’s a lot of that!). Read on to explore how 14 SMART Exemplary Educators around the world are celebrating and sharing ideas (both analog and digital).

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1. Ellen Fritz (Canada): “I always like to have my students calculate the value of pi using string, a circular container and rulers. They are always blown away that it actually works.”

2. Chris Collins (U.S.A.): “I am going to buy a bunch of cookies and pies for my students to eat on March 13th. We plan on doing a SMART amp project of researching history and uses of pi.” Featured activity: 7 Activities for Pi Day (SMART Exchange)

3. Mary McCullagh (U.S.A.): “We shall use SMART amp in European History and US Government. I will have the students locate pi in the history lessons and government structure, policies and actions.” Mary also recommends 7 Activities for Pi Day cited by Chris above.

4. Natasha Hnatiuk (Canada): “Read Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, make and eat apple pie.” [Note: there are also several YouTube versions of this story as well.]

5. Bobby Brian Lewis (U.S.A.): “Create our pie plate game, discover pi using tires.” Featured activity: Pi Day Presentation (SMART Exchange)

6. Rachel Long (U.S.A.): “My daughter’s teacher had a contest to see who could memorize the most digits of pi. If you won, you got a pie. My students are too young but I love this resource I found on the SMART Exchange: Pi Day Jeopardy.”

7. Charity Harbeck (U.S.A.): “I pass along the Pi Day Jeopardy [see above] to math teachers which they use for Pi Day. Often serving pie as well.”

8. Elisabeth Benedik (Austria): “Maybe make some pi-pie?” Featured image: Greek pi – lowercase (SMART Exchange)

9. Amy Yonashiro (U.S.A.): “The week of 3/9-3/13, I will so something quick during each of my class periods, whether it’s showing a video showing the young boy who holds the record of reciting the most digits of pi, or playing the clip from different movies that reference pi. For a visual activity of pi, we will colored beads representing the digits of pi, i.e. 3 red, 1 blue, 4 yellow, 1 green, 5 black, etc. All of my classes will contribute to this one activity to see what pi looks like.”

10. Amanda Hensley (U.S.A.): “I’m stealing Amy Yonashiro’s amp template to use with my class. Pi party—all you can eat pie!” Featured activity: More Pi Day Jeopardy (SMART Exchange)

11. Jörgen Holmberg (Finland): “I am going to tell them with pi is and offer nice exercises on the SB. Use SB, trying to learn by heart as many decimals as possible. Who will be the lucky Mr. or Miss Pi?” Featured activity: Omkrets och area

12. Dan Bohn (U.S.A.): “3-14-15 9:26:53 will be a once in a lifetime day for everyone. My students will bring in different types of ‘pi’ and we will have a food day in math. My Geometry classes just studied the circumference and area of circles. We will find the circumference and area of the pie crust and then eat the data!”

13. Gerd Soderlund (Finland): “Since I am a language teacher we’ll focus on numerals and dates and how to pronounce them in foreign languages! Games created by using SMART Notebook Activity Toolkit.”

14. Larisa Khizhnyakova (Russia): “Just to tell me students about the day.” Featured activity: 7 Activities for Pi Day (SMART Exchange)

What are you doing for Pi Day? Share your ideas below, on Twitter or Facebook!

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