Happy Earth Day! 5 Educator-Validated Classroom Resources

Earth Day is one of those global events that unite classrooms and learners around the world. If you haven’t set your lesson plan for the day yet, here are some last-minute ideas from SMART and the global community of educators we interact with.

1. Our Earth Day Pinterest board features lessons and videos curated from SMART and the education community.

2. Hundreds of educators have uploaded Earth Day-themed activities to SMART Exchange – download and use “as is” or adapt them to your student needs.

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3. We asked SMART Exemplary Educators how they are connecting to Earth Day in the classroom. Search the @SMART_Tech handle for more tips this week, but here are a just a few examples from this global community.

• @kwillsonyshs in the U.S.A. recommends watching the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle content from BrainPop and then making a booklet. He’s also got an Earth-Day themed activity on SMART Exchange.
• @gonzalosek in Spain will be focusing on Frank Schatzing’s “The Swarm” in the school’s reading club and reflecting on humanity’s impact on nature.
• @Juliya051 in Russia will be studying nanotechnology for cleaning the environment

4. The #EarthDay Twitter hashtag is very active in advance April 22. Check it out and #EarthDay2015 — be inspired by the wisdom of fellow educators and environmentally-focused organizations.

5. Matt Davis posted a great article featuring classroom ideas on Edutopia – Earth Day Lesson Plans.

What have we missed? Share your ideas with the education community here.

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