In Appreciation of Teacher Appreciation Day (And Educators)

Teacher Appreciation Day is May 5th – and we appreciate you in many, many ways!

As I reflect on the teachers I’ve had the pleasure to meet through SMART, here are the things that stand out about this profession and the incredible people who devote their careers to teaching and learning.

  1. Exude passion. If you connect with an educator in a classroom, online, at a conference or in a training event, you have experienced his or her infectious enthusiasm for teaching and learning.
  2. Connect often. They have an open door and a collaborative spirit. Educators are interested in connecting and sharing – whether that person is across the hall or in another country. Many embrace social media and blogs.
  3. Be fearless. Educators tinker, experiment and take risks. They are beta testers, early adopters and, most importantly, not afraid to let their students use technology. They can be as experimental with tech tools as the digital natives that they aim to inspire.
  4. Champion adaptation. They are expert treasure-hunters who can adapt resources from various sources, including SMART Exchange, to meet the needs of their learners. Educators leverage a variety of resources to ensure students receive engaging and interactive instruction.
  5. Lead (with kindness). Educators are peer teachers, cheerleaders and coaches. They model best practices well and often, inspiring others to embed technology into daily curriculum. Many often share their resources and expertise with great generosity.
  6. Embrace lifelong learning. Teachers are curious explorers rather than all-knowing, “Yoda-like” sages. They are as enthusiastic to learn from others as they are to share their own expertise.

To our customers, community of SMART Exemplary Educators and Teachers of the Year, thank you for all you do! And continue being awesome!

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