Teachers: How’s Your Summer Vacation Going? [QUIZ]

Despite the myth that teachers have summers off, you’re plenty busy! Still, it seems everyone has dozens of ideas on how you should spend your summer vacation. You probably made your own huge list of all the things you wanted to do during the break. Rather than adding to the list, we wanted to ask instead, “How are you spending your summer vacation?”

So take a moment, grab an ice-cold drink, put your feet up, and take this quiz to see where you stand.

  1. Read, read, and read

Now’s the time to put all those lists of Newberry Award winners, professional development recommendations, juicy page turners to good use! You’ve read:

A. Nary one book… yet! But soon.

B. One or two of them. More when I can.

C. Almost the entire list and need more recommendations.

  1. Family time

Gardening, cooking, picnics, road trips, museums and library visits – this is a golden opportunity to jump in to the pool and make a splash (and some waves) with the ones you love. So far, how much time have you spent together?

A. Not as much as I’d like but that’ll change soon.

B. Some amazing moments together with plenty more to come.

C. We’ve done everything, been everywhere.

  1. Learn new things

At your very core, you’re a natural learner – always on the lookout for whatever piques your interest. Have you satisfied that passion for learning – new languages, new technologies, and new cultures?

A. Not yet. But the summer isn’t over and I have big plans.

B. I haven’t exactly learned Swahili but I’ve done a few, great things.

C. Every day! I’m practically a wizard now.

  1. Personal development

Maybe it’s online classes. Continuing education credits, or participating on an education-themed Google Hangout. Maybe you wanted to present at an event or get started on Twitter chats like #EdChat or #EdTech. Have you had a chance to pursue your PD opportunities?

A. Let me catch my breath from last year and then I might.

B. I’ve done one or two things that have me thinking about new things.

C. So many that I’m listed under PD in Wikipedia.

  1. Connect and network

There’s nothing quite like the moments shared with friends and colleagues. They remind you of what you’re capable of, what you’re best at, why you’re amazing. They give advice and share other ways to think about things. How often have you met up?

A. Nothing yet – there was something on the books but it got rescheduled.

B. I’ve had a couple of good laughs and wonderful conversations.

C. As much as I can get. Seriously, I can’t get enough of them.

Well, how’s your summer vacation going?

Quiz Results:

Count up the As, Bs, and Cs.

More As than anything else:

Now’s a great time to think back on all of the things you wanted to do when the last bell rang. Take stock and re-chart your course if necessary. Don’t forget to inspire yourself so you can inspire others. Even if you can’t do everything on your list (who needs that pressure?), make sure you find the time for you. Take time for yourself to rejuvenate and refresh. Small things like reading, lunch with friends, or watching a movie can go a long way to restoring your energy and get you excited for what’s to come.

More Bs:

You’ve made some great strides and clearly have big plans to make more. Be sure to keep finding the time to do the kinds of things that refresh you. Take a look at your answers above and wherever you’ve circled C, do more of those kind of things – they’ll fill you up and energize you for the year ahead. Take to the open road. Cram into a tent. Stargaze. Whatever floats your boat.

More Cs:

The force is strong within you. You and summer are clearly a magical blend of passion and inspiration. Keep it up! Want to share the secret of how you’re able to balance your personal time, your family time, and your profession? We’d love to hear it. Share your tips in the comments below.

If all you end up doing this summer is lay in hammock and watch the clouds go by, we salute you! Whatever you do, and no matter how far along you are on your own activity list this summer vacation, we hope it fills you up.


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6 thoughts on “Teachers: How’s Your Summer Vacation Going? [QUIZ]

  1. I should have done this quiz before going on holiday1
    Questions and answers really describe a lot of different feelings about what not, what and if so how to do these things on my holiday. This is my score: 4 B’s and 1 C.

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