What Is Natural Learning?

Students are natural learners. To learn about their world, they explore, create, engage and connect.  In their spare time, they connect, play and collaborate with friends, engaging together through technology. Yet in schools, we often create environments where natural learning behavior isn’t supported. In many classrooms, we’ve replaced textbooks with technology, but what’s really changed?

Recall and knowledge are part of learning, but how are we developing vital life skills like creativity, problem solving and collaboration? To help children reach greater success, we must embrace their natural learning behavior in the classroom. Because when students can connect and work with one another, learning happens naturally.

How would you define “natural learning”?

Discover effective classroom technologies that support natural learning in the classroom.

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Kristel Gibson is the social media content manager. She’s been studying and responding to the social trends of the “intertubes” for the last eight years. She lives in Seattle with her family.

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