Getting Started with SMART amp and Google Apps for Education

This past May, I submitted a session about SMART amp to the Netherlands Google in Education Summit, organized by AppEvents and hosted by the International School of Amsterdam. I wanted to attend this summit to share my experience with SMART amp, which engages my students to really collaborate with each other. Here are some of the things I was excited to present:

Google Apps for Education and SMART amp

If you haven’t started using Google Apps for Education yet, sign in to Google with your personal account and take a closer look at the docs, sheets and slide applications. Start creating and sharing with others.

Working in SMART amp is no different. If you want to use SMART amp in your education domain, sign up and work with an administrator from within your domain to set this up. And if you want to take a little step further and really want to learn more about working with Google Docs and Google Drive, check out the Google for Education Learning Centre for free courses.

Share the Work

One of the projects I had my students in the past school year was an assignment about sustainability and the ecological footprint. Students from my class were linked to a school class from abroad (Czech Republic, Spain, Canada and the U.S.). They had to collect information about their habits concerning sustainability, such as the time they used the shower, how many plastic bottles they used, whether or not they used electrical equipment, etc. Then, they needed to share that information with students from other countries in order to create and gain a global perspective about this topic. In the end, each group had to present the workspace and share the habits concerning the ecological footprint about their peers from other countries.

New to SMART amp

If you’re new to SMART amp, I’d recommend creating a workspace from a template and sharing it with all your students in your class. The assignment could be “introduce yourself.” Let them have fun within the workspace and just see what happens. Watch how they create and share in that workspace. If the students know and you know how it works, you can create a small assessment about any topic you like.

Pro Tip

If you’re already familiar with SMART amp, try creating a larger project and dividing the class in smaller groups. Have them all answer the questions you created and prepared in the assessment tool in SMART amp. It’s really great and fun to see them working and creating at their own pace in a SMART amp workspace.

Final (Exam) Results

This past year I’ve collaborated with two exam students and from my opinion the final result was better than if we hadn’t collaborated together within the Google Apps for Education domain. The students were surprised as well:

Working in Google Drive has helped me tremendously during the making of the final assessment. I can collaborate within one file with multiple people at the same time, or separately if the other is not present. This allows you to view each piece quickly and easily. And thanks to the observations and comments added by the tutor, we can work at different times on the assignment. All of this saves a lot of time to do a project together and the quality definitely increases! – Noa Dresselaars, exam student


Want to take SMART amp for a spin before the school year starts? Get your free trial now.

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Boris Berlijn has been a SMART Exemplary Educator for four years. Passionate about the environment, science, and geography, he lives in the Netherlands. Find more of his SMART amp tips and recommendations at his blog iTeach – iLearn.

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  1. I’m really excited about using Amp and Google Apps for Educatiob, even though is the second half of the school year for me, I want to try it. I’m a little scared about how it’s going to turn out but I’ll never know if I don’t try…thanks for sharing your experience.

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