An Ending Is a New Beginning: XC Collaboration

Consumers demand beautiful, simple-to-use products. Products that are glitch-free, connect seamlessly, and have almost zero lag time either starting up or connecting. Each one of these expectations for how software behaves and performs requires innovation, engineering, and development.

All products have lifecycles, and software is no different. Based on market trends, customer requests, changes to operating systems, and other reasons, some products reach the end of their lifecycle. At SMART, we are continuously striving to bring the right solutions to market at the right time, and to end of life those that are past their prime.

Interactive Brainstorming with Shout it Out!

SMART Notebook 15.1 features a brand new activity called Shout it Out! This activity allows students to contribute words and pictures to a lesson through a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or any other device that has a web browser. Shout it Out! is the upgraded version of our previous brainstorming add-on XC Collaboration. Shout it Out! is easier to use, offers an attribution feature so teachers can see who-contributes-what, and is faster and more aesthetically pleasing.

Customers with SMART Notebook Advantage can upgrade to the latest version and get started today.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Coincidentally, we have stopped support for XC Collaboration, effective Sept. 25, 2015. Why? Because the third-party company that supports the back-end database for XC Collaboration has discontinued its services. While we recognize this means change, we’re excited that Notebook 15.1 offers improved capabilities above and beyond XC Collaboration.

Looking Forward

Every day, there are improvements, enhancements, and upgrades made available to take advantage of what the latest technologies offer. We’re making sure our software fits the needs of classrooms with these new technologies and devices, and intend to use them to their greatest potential.

In order to innovate and develop, we must continually iterate and enhance our products – based on available technologies and systems, as well as based on customer feedback and requests. We remain passionate and committed to creating innovative products that take advantage of the greatest technologies available today and have a reach into tomorrow. Products that continue to inspire and delight our customers – simply, seamlessly, and quickly.


Discover our family of tools, resources, and products for educators that take advantage of the latest in technology.

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About Warren Barkley

Warren Barkley is SMART's Chief Technology Officer. He brings over 19 years of technology experience and leadership. Over the last two years at SMART he has built a world class technology team, created a new product category with SMART kapp, and award winning education SAAS SMART amp. Prior to his current role, he served as General Manager in the Microsoft Lync/Skype division. Barkley held several key positions in Microsoft over his tenure and was instrumental in the development of Microsoft Lync as the communication and collaboration software of choice for Fortune 500 companies. At Microsoft he also played a central role in establishing WiFi as a worldwide standard. Barkley holds over 60 worldwide patents in networking, wireless and communications. Barkley has degrees from University of British Columbia and University of Victoria. Before his technology career Barkley was a teacher and musician.

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