Back to School Salute

Across Canada and the United States, Labor Day weekend often signals the start of back to school. But around the globe, teachers have been preparing their classrooms for the arriving students, or in some countries, they continue to greet their students every day.

  • In the United States, over three million teachers will head back to public schools across the land.
  • In Canada, almost 800,000 return to their classrooms this fall.
  • In Australia, government schools provide education to over 3.6 million children.
  • In the United Kingdom, eight million students attend over 24,000 schools.

And that’s a fraction of the worldwide numbers of teachers and students. Most educators haven’t spent their break by reading good books in hammocks or taking three-month backpacking trips across Europe.

They’ve been prepping for the new school year. They’ve participated in professional development opportunities. They’ve boned up on new programs. They’ve studied, researched, and learned. In other words, they are constantly enhancing their skills, networking with each other on ways to improve and succeed. Above all, they’re continually striving to make a difference on the lives of their students.

Take a moment with us, won’t you, as teachers head back to school? And salute teachers across the globe who have made it their life’s work to prepare and educate our future generation of leaders, employees, neighbors, friends, and family. Educators teach more than the ABCs and 123s – they teach kindness, independence, and responsibility. Where would we be without them? They’re our heroes. Please take a moment and thank a teacher today.

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