Global Collaboration Day: Making the Impossible, Possible!

Technology has enabled connections and collaboration on a scale which up till now may have been thought impossible. Numerous tools are available for those seeking synchronous or asynchronous collaborations. Many are free and user friendly across all cultures, languages and countries. The barriers of oceans, hemispheres, time zones, cost, effort and classroom doors are no longer a hindrance.

A number of years ago, I participated in the first Global Education Conference  which was co-founded by Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon. Something amazing was starting to unfold! People from across the globe were participating in online, virtual conference sessions, sharing their passion for and interest in global education. This occurs 24/7 over a five day period in November. A personal highlight of that first conference was listening to a small group of teachers from Kenya, all huddled around a sole laptop, sharing education and learning in their country.

On September 17th this year, a special one day event, Global Collaboration Day will encourage educators, classrooms, community members and organisations to get involved and collaborate with others, all on a volunteer basis. The primary goal the event is to demonstrate the power of global connectivity in classrooms, schools, universities, and institutions and take learning beyond the textbook to experience it with those who live and breathe there.

A day across the world actually spans 48 hours from the time that the first country enters the day till the last country exits September 17th. There are already 185+ schools and organisations offering events, from across 34 countries with more than 80 projects listed. Why learn from a textbook, when we can learn with those who actually live and breathe there. A whole range of tools will be used on this day and something for everyone. The events can be viewed in your own time zones. There are twitter chats – some multilingual, webinars, global project launches, simple connections between classes in different countries, padlets for collaboration, skype linkups, google hangouts, periscope live streaming of classes and so much more..

Some events that I will help administer and moderate include

The World’s Largest Global Education Collaboration and Challenge is another interesting event.

You can still host events, participate or simply follow with great interest and collaborate on a scale to change the face of learning as it is currently known! Students (and educators) need to be able to share ideas, and appreciate the similarities and differences in space, place, culture and styles of learning across the globe and Global Collaboration Day will set the scene for this! Don’t miss it!

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About Anne Mirtschin

Anne Mirtschin is an ICT and Commerce teacher who finds the world is now her classroom. She teaches at a small rural prep to year 12 school, Hawkesdale P12 College in Australia.

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