Ways to Inspire Students with SMART amp

As our world is changing more and more children are responding better to visual stimuli, often taking at for granted just how much education has changed. As technology is advancing and indeed society, we our expectation of how things work improves. We expect everything to be at our fingertips and for it to work.

In order to live and work together both in schools and throughout life effectively, we need to be able to listen to one another, to work together to identify and solve problems and to acknowledge and respect diverse points of view.

Having used SMART amp with a range of primary school classes it certainly ticks these boxes. It is visually brilliant and works in such an natural manner. The children naturally want to use it and be part of the learning that is presented to them.

How does SMART amp help make learning visible?

Learning for many children, and indeed adults, all is more than seeing, it is about doing, being part of what their learning. SMART amp is that. It is a multi media interface, including images video etc so all and contribute, see and do.

A visual learner likes looking at images, pictures, movies, watching a demonstration or reading.

But can find hard things such as: sitting back and listen to lectures or explanations.

Need I say anymore?

With SMART amp being displayed on multiple devices, all children can see all, not just their group or their work.  They are free to learn from others and it honestly offers support for children to experience true collaboration between themselves.

Why is that important for teachers and students?

Giving the students the power to direct their own learning is massive!

Personally, I believe that if a child owns their learning and their work they the outcome will be far greater than if they are doing it for another, or even worse… just because ‘Sir told me to’.

As we all go back to school, take a look at pencil cases. The pencil they have is far better that the school one. Why? because it is theirs! 

As we all go back to school, take a look at the children’s learning. The learning they have is far better that the school one. Why? because it is theirs! 

Is there anything more important than that?

What are my top tips for getting students engaged in a SMART amp space?

Make one.

Let them see it, let them be part of their own SMART amp workspace, let them touch their own learning as it develops on this new platform!

  • Add opened ended questions
  • Add ask group ‘x’ questions
  • Give them space for their own interpretation
  • Use a central starting box with guidance for the task
  • Arrows to aid navigation for each group
  • Colour coding really helps
  • Give them time to think, time to do, time to reflect

As with any blank canvas, be imaginative with it. Children naturally want to explore what is around them.


Want to take SMART amp for a spin? Get your free trial now.

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About Mark Hartwright

Mark Hartwright is a Primary School Teacher in England. He teaches Primary school children and is very passionate about all things tech especially those that help us or others learn! He is also a SMART Exemplary Educator and was Europe's first primary school teacher in a SMART Collaborative Classroom.

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