Collaborative Classroom Technology [video]

Effective collaborative classroom technology needs to support the natural ways children learn about and explore their world.

Schools get more from their investments in technology, devices, and BYOD when students and teachers use these tools in ways that come naturally.

Students are natural learners, yet in schools we often create environments where learning doesn’t happen naturally. In many classrooms, we’ve replaced textbooks with technology, but what’s really changed?

Recall and knowledge are part of learning, but how are we developing vital life skills like creativity, problem solving and collaboration?

Since children learn naturally, why not embrace that in the classroom? In their spare time, they connect, play and collaborate with friends, engaging together through technology.

At SMART, we overcome barriers to collaboration and learning. Our software, like amp and Notebook, transforms devices into powerful engagement tools, letting students learn together, anytime, anywhere.

Because when students can connect and work with one another, learning happens naturally.

Collaboration tools, like SMART kapp, give everyone in the classroom and beyond a front row seat through their personal devices. And for the first time ever, SMART kapp iQ enables multi-way sharing so students and teachers can work together in real time.

Because when children actively participate, learning is transformed. And with SMART solutions, students are more involved in the classroom than ever before.

When learning is intuitive, when it’s captivating, when it’s based on the natural ways that students collaborate, there’s no limit to what they can do.

Looking for collaborative classroom technology? Discover a family of SMART education solutions

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