Thankful Thoughts: Students Helping Students

This is a part of our “Thankful Thoughts” series where we asked our SMART Exemplary Educators what they’re thankful for this time of year.

This year I have a learning support student in my Economics and Entrepreneurship class who was really struggling with the economic concepts that we were discussing in class. He had trouble interpreting the graphs, determining if quantity demanded or demand was changing, and understanding what was causing it to change. He was withdrawn; he would never raise his hand to speak in class and had trouble participating in classroom discussions.

One day after I had the students working in groups of two on a SMART amp workspace, one of my top-level students stayed after class to talk to me. He thanked me for pairing him up with the learning support student. He told me that it really opened up his eyes to the struggles that students who are not like him have. He also asked if it would be okay if he made his own SMART amp workspace for the learning support student and him. He wanted to spend extra time tutoring the student and see if he would be able to help the student. Of course, I told him he was able to do that and to let me know if I could help in any way.

These two students began to have evening study sessions using SMART amp from home, and I began to see a confident learning support student who now actively participates in class discussions, volunteers answers, and has academically shown improvement. Had the two students not be paired together for a classroom actively with SMART amp, I’m positive that would not have happened. I am so thankful for the students that I work with every day, and so thankful for the opportunity to use SMART amp in my classroom.

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About Kevin Willson

Kevin teaches Web Page Design, Economics and Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Management and Accounting I in York, Pennsylvania. A SMART Exemplary Educator, he also has two soccer playing children, and so when he's not working on school work you can usually find him on the side of a soccer field. Kevin and his wife Susan are Winnie the Pooh collectors.

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