Your SMARTest Guide for BETT 2016

Are you going to BETT 2016 for the first time? I don’t know where you come from, but since BETT is the BIGGEST Classroom Technology Fair in the world, I am quite sure it’ll be one of the bigger fairs you have been to. I have been there about five times and here’s my guide for BETT with some tips for you:

Getting There

  • When you arrive to BETT, you’ll come by Docklands Light Railway (DLR).
  • If you stay at a hotel, try to stay somewhere quite close. London is a very interesting city, but you don’t want to spend too much of your valuable time going to and from the fair.

At the Fair

  • Be sure to bring water, although you can buy it in any of the cafes in the area. Even more important to have good shoes and perhaps a rucksack, if you don’t want to carry a bag the whole day.
  • Apps and smartphones are great. Unfortunately you are not the only one who will use Wi-Fi in the building. Have a plan B which could include an app which doesn’t require Wi-Fi – OR a map… made of paper.

Plan Your Time

  • If you are at BETT for just one or two days, don’t even try to see everything. Choose what you are interested in and check the timetable if you want to listen to a special speaker.
  • If you are going to be at BETT for three days or more, remember that London is just outside the main door. You will need a break in your BETT-experience. The British teachers will be at BETT in big numbers from Friday afternoon and onwards. My suggestion is that you take care of your business on Wednesday and Thursday. Try to be a little bit more outside the fair on Friday and Saturday, otherwise you risk a little fatigue.

Schedule a School Trip

  • SMART Technology arrange visits to schools in the London area. The trips are really valuable for us teachers. We are talking about quite normal schools, which for obvious reasons are quite well equipped. But there is so much more to see too. How are the students? What subjects do they have? School uniforms! I learnt a lot from my school visit.

Remember, don’t try to see everything. Enjoy your visit. Engage with other teachers. If you missed something this time – Hey! There is always BETT 2017.

Welcome – enjoy the ride!


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About Joergen Holmberg

Joergen Holmberg is a SMART Board educator and SMART Exemplary Educator. He teaches special education in Sipoo, Finland and tries every day to combine SMART Technology with spec ed.

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