Create Engagement and Fun with Gamification

At the beginning of every school year, I ask myself how I can involve my students in their learning process. There isn’t always an easy answer. But this year I discovered a new tool in SMART Notebook 15.2: SMART lab.

In lab there are seven different options to easily build games for the students. The teacher can prepare them in less than three minutes using a template that just needs to be typed in.

My favourite games are: Shout it Out! and Speedup!

Shout it Out! allows the interaction between your IWB or IFP and students’ devices. You can ask the class a question and collect instant answers on your board. The answers can be anonymous or you can identify each student by a colored shape.

I use it for instant polls on different topics or to test the comprehension of what we’ve been covering during the lesson. I really like it because students are more engaged in the lesson: they can use their devices and they develop critical thinking because we analyze their contributions.

Speedup! is even more interesting if the teacher changes from being “the teacher” and instead lets students invent their own games.

You can create up to ten questions with multiple choice answers on the template. Students play on the IWB or IFP and select a car they drive in a race. When they correctly answer the question, the car gets a boost. If the answer is wrong, they keep going, but at a slower pace.

With Speedup! teachers can review the answers of each player so you can give a feedback. Plus, students love to be involved in the creation of the questions for the game.

This has worked great in my history lessons. Engagement has improved because the students get to become the teacher and create a pre-evaluation of each topic. They have great fun while building the game and in the meanwhile they learn so much as a result.


Get started today with SMART lab, part of SMART Learning Suite.  

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About Giovanna Bicego

Giovanna Bicego is a primary school teacher in Italy. She's a SMART Exemplary Educator and a Kapptain. Her passion is finding new ways to involve students in their learning as she considers herself a student too.

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6 thoughts on “Create Engagement and Fun with Gamification

  1. Great Blog. I agree. My students love playing the game as well as creating the games. My students have to know the material in order to make up the LAB games. They take pride when another class plays their game. The excitement is infectious while the whole class is involved.

  2. I use Shout it out A LOT and it´s very easy for my students to use. My students also make their own games in Speed Up! Much appritiated 🙂

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