SMART Notebook Makes Education More Collaborative

The latest release of SMART Notebook® 16 has more ways to engage and inspire students.

We’re big believers in making learning environments match up with how students learn today. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, kids learn everywhere. It’s a whole world out there full of amazing technologies, inspiring content, and fantastic education opportunities. Put it all together and you’ve got 21st century learning.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of SMART Notebook 16. With the new release, you’ll find more ways to inspire and engage your students with better integration between our products and the best of the internet.

Plays well with others

For starters, check out that SMART lab icon. It’s changed from a magic hat to this friendly new character:

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But that’s small potatoes compared to all the big fun and engaging game-based activities that lie within.

With this latest SMART Notebook version, you’ll have one-touch access to SMART lab resources, like SMART Exchange, where you’ll find over 700 templates already made for you, ready to go. As SMART Notebook is part of SMART Learning Suite, you’ll have even more ready-made fun for your students.

Supercharges lesson creation

Finding images and content just got a whole lot faster, easier, and safer with Bing image search. Talk about time saver! It’s built right into SMART Notebook so educators won’t have to switch applications. Just drag and drop pictures and clipart with safe search, which is set to “on” by default now.

Shows off new tricks

Also, in order to keep up with the latest trends in technology, we’ve replaced some of our Flash widgets with modern HTML5 versions. These include the Dice, Spinner, Pull-tabs, Timer, and Clock – each with improved customization options. With each release, there are more great features coming. So stay tuned!

Upgrade to SMART Notebook 16 today and see what else has arrived with the latest release.

Don’t have SMART Notebook yet? Download your free trial.

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5 thoughts on “SMART Notebook Makes Education More Collaborative

  1. Love the updates like one-touch access to SMART lab resources. Best of all, since I do not have a lot of time, is the easy access to finding images and content and with Bing image search. It is great to hear that It’s built right into SMART Notebook so I won’t have to switch applications anymore. Wonderful improvements!

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