What’s New in SMART Learning Suite? Monsters and Pirates for a Start

We are happy to announce the forthcoming release of SMART Learning Suite 16.1 which features many exciting updates to Notebook, lab, response 2, ink, and drivers! Here are some key highlights of this release:

  • SMART Notebook continues to be the world’s premier software for interactive displays with nearly 2 million installations per year, impacting over 50 million students worldwide. With updated icons and color scheme, Notebook now has a modernized look to complement the latest additions to our software suite.
  • The monsters have hatched! Monster Quiz is the newest activity in SMART lab that engages students through teamwork and competition. All students can participate using web-enabled devices and help their team grow their lovable characters by answering teacher prepared questions correctly.
  • The new user-friendly SMART response 2 now replaces the old SMART Response on Notebook’s toolbar. With additional question-types like multi-answer and short answer, teachers have a rich array of tools to assess students and gain valuable insight via a comprehensive Excel export of student results.
  • Teachers can now hand out lab activities like Rank Order and Fill in the Blanks to be played by students on web-enabled devices as well as on the SMART Board. This is a great way to engage the whole class and gives teachers even more ways to assess students with interactive question types.
  • Facilitating student participation is now even easier with the ability to associate persistent activity codes to teacher accounts in Notebook. With a quick one-time sign in and code assignment, students no longer have to type in a code on com every time. Simply select a previously used code, and you are in!
  • Shiver me timbers! Pirates have landed in SMART lab. New themes with mateys from the high seas and street basketball, featuring rich animations and dramatic soundtracks, are sure to immerse and delight students in fun sorting and ranking activities.
  • As always, the SMART experience is facilitated by a seamless integration of hardware and software. SMART ink is exclusive to our line of IWB’s and IFPs – with this release, users will enjoy new Spotlight and Magnifier tools as well as more options for favorites (including screen shade).

Upgrade to SMART Learning Suite 16.1 or get your free trial today!

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Manat MacLeod is a program manager at SMART who is passionate about creating the classroom of the future. Along with his team, he aims to empower and delight educators and students with collaborative, interactive technologies.

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