Finding Excitement to Teach: My Secret to Success and Monday Mornings

When the summer ends and teachers head back to school, many are so excited to get back to the classroom and teaching once again. But for the rest of us the question remains, how do you pack up your flip-flops, say goodbye to evenings without school work, and jump back full speed ahead into the chaos, work, and dedication it takes to teach?

If you ask my students, the secret to my success is coffee (trust me, I’ve asked them, this was their actual answer). Beyond that, the students don’t know my actual secret but trust me when I say it’s a SMART one.

I’m excited for the school year ahead and the lessons. Although I still dread Monday mornings like the rest of working America, having a secret superpower in my teacher tool bag helps make lesson creation easier and aids in keeping students interested and excited about the lessons. Plus, any experienced teacher knows that students will find ways to have fun so it’s vital that the fun is involved with the lesson before they make their own sources of fun and distractions (or resort to Pokemon Go).

Using the tools in SMART lab, it’s been so easy to quickly adapt already created lessons from SMART Exchange to match exactly what I need to teach, assess, or to simply create a lesson from a blank file. My favorite part of using lab might be the look for the first time on my students’ faces when they see their names integrated into lab activities, like filling in the blank about our class. Students seem to think it’s pure magic that a teacher can “create video games” and include them in it. While I might not give away my secret to students at how easy this tool is to use, I will share with my fellow teachers.

Using SMART lab makes my Mondays easier (second only to my cup of coffee) and hopefully will make the school year a bit easier for teachers out there around the world. It’s easy to use, very fun and interactive for the students, and it makes me excited to teach even on the earliest of Monday mornings.

Try SMART lab, part of SMART Learning Suite, and see what it can do for your Monday mornings. 

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About Brianna Owens

Brianna Owens is a teacher in New Mexico, USA. Brianna is a SMART Exemplary Educator, Discovery Education STAR educator, Golden Apple Scholar Award winner, and most importantly a teacher on a mission to redefine what learning looks like on a global scale one student and classroom at a time.

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