The Classroom of the Future: Passion First!

We know that technology in the classroom is here to stay. There is no argument to that. The question that keeps arising in education is what does the classroom look like in the future and how can we prepare for it now? With so many emerging, promising technologies, it’s hard to keep up.

Yes—technology is a way of connecting oneself with the world. There is a paradigm shift happening in the classroom: education is moving from a passive learning environment where students “sit and get” to an active construction of knowledge and an environment of global social interaction. Technology gives the power to open doors and take down walls. If we really want to impact students in a way that builds a lifelong foundation and changes the way they think, act, create and learn, then we need to give them the digital tools to explore.

There are some technologies that have been a standard in my classroom and a few new tools that I’ve recently been implementing. They give students the ability to unleash their passion and become critical forward thinkers.

  • SMART amp has brought to life a student’s desire to connect with other students around the world. It has made my students thoughtful and reflective. When their workspace has been shared, they pay closer attention to what they produce and write so that the message is clear to all. The students value other student voices!
  • SMART Notebook is a standard in my classroom. I use it every day! In fact, I use it every hour and in every lesson. It is a fundamental tool! Students interact with Notebook in the beginning, during and after a lesson. If there is a way to use Notebook, I will find it! It is intuitive for students to use and interactive.
  • Cloud computing is a vital part of the classroom of the future. Time and space no longer matter, and there are no more lost assignments! It is a teacher’s dream! It provides students with freedom and the ability to share. It virtualizes the classroom and leverages the online learning. Cloud computing is creating an environment where all students can have access to high quality resources.
  • 3D Printing is all the rage and rightfully so. Students are intrigued by what it can do. By capitalizing on their curiosity, it can lead students to venture into the unfamiliar and allow them to reach new levels of critical thinking and problem solving. It is a powerful tool of today that will help solve problems of tomorrow.

Considering the exponential growth of technology, it is no wonder some people don’t think it’s worth the time and effort to implement new technology in the classroom. However, technology is here to stay. We can prepare for the classroom of the future by standardizing technology in the classroom now and allowing students to unleash their passion and curiosity. The future looks good!

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About Jody Bean

Jody Bean is a teacher in Oregon City, Oregon. She teaches middle school language arts and social studies. Jody is a SMART Exemplary Educator. She has been awarded the Al Gallagher Distinguished Teacher Award for leading the way of Professional development. In her free time, she is an instructor at Marylhurst University paving the way for pre-service teachers. She believes that technology is not a moment in the classroom but a movement that creates a door into the future.

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5 thoughts on “The Classroom of the Future: Passion First!

  1. Great article Jody! Love this line from your bio: she believes that technology is not a moment in the classroom but a movement that creates a door into the future.

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