Prepare Kids for Anything with Educational Technology

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, then we rob our children of tomorrow.” – John Dewey

Our job as teachers is not to “prepare” kids for something; our job is to help kids learn to prepare themselves for anything. That’s why implementing educational technology is important for our students.

Every day I need to provide effective instruction for all of my students. They have unique needs and edtech helps me identify and adapt training for them. Through it, they get personalized learning experiences by giving me extra capacity to help my most struggling students and allow my students working at a higher level to work on their own.

If you’re thinking of incorporating edtech in your classroom, remember that for a successful outcome of edtech, pedagogy comes first, devices second. So before you begin to incorporate edtech in your classroom, ask yourself some questions:

  • Preparation – What kinds of technology do you have and how can you implement it into existing or new lessons? Are there any new and innovative ideas for technology implementation that would enhance your students learning?
  • Instruction – Are there other teachers who should be present for the technology-integrated lesson?
  • Reflection – Did the integration assist students in their learning?

For me, transforming the learning environment with educational technology took some time. I had to go from the substitution level to the redefinition level, a level that consists of creative and innovative learning activities that were previously impossible to execute. Here are a few things I learned through the transition:

  • First of all, be sure that your pedagogy is good within the classroom.
  • Be prepared to fine-tune your practices and pedagogy that involve technology and allow yourself time. And it may take a while to get used to being the supervisor instead of the lecturer.
  • Imagine advantages rather than disadvantages.
  • Listen to and read about others that have implemented edtech.
  • Choose edtech for your class by focusing on how you want the technology to be actually used. This means asking not just whether the product is “good,” but whether it effectively addresses your instructional and pedagogical needs.
  • Be sure that you get some education and instructions yourself, both technical and methodically.

Educational technology makes it possible to learn using new methods. It is motivating, visualizing and effective in learning situations. It helps you personalize learning for your students and makes a big difference for both them and you. With it, you’re helping them to prepare for anything.


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About Kristin Skage

Kristin Skage is a math and science teacher at Damsgård school in Bergen, Norway. A SMART Exemplary Educator, she’s been a teacher for 26 years. When she has the opportunity to knit, she knits. She also loves climbing a mountain early in the morning.

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