EdTech Resolutions for 2017

My students are a valuable resource and the more I can prepare them for the ever changing business world, the greater chance they have for being successful. I’m looking forward to the start of 2017, and hope to make it a great one for my students. Here are some of the edtech resolutions I’m putting into practice this new year:

  • Incorporate a new teaching idea in each of my business classes at least once a month.

Yes it is easy to rely on the same activities that you have done in the past, but just like my students do not like to do the same things day in and day out, I need a variety in my classroom as well. I will rely on my Personal Learning Networks to locate and share ideas. Google Certified Innovators, SMART Exemplary Educators, Discovery Stars, Twitter and Pinterest are my go to groups and sites.

  • Continue to expand my use of technology to engage my 21st century learners.

The SMART lab provides numerous opportunities to quickly build engaging activities for my students. I teach five different preps each day and so I appreciate that these activities can be built in five minutes or less. Monster Quiz, Speed Up and the new Game Show are three of my high school students favorite activities. I plan to use these activities at the beginning of my classes to review the previous day’s material. At the end of my units, I’m going to have my students build their own activities from the SMART lab for the other students in the class to use as a unit review.

  • Prepare my students for the world of business by including communication and collaboration skills into each of my units.

SMART amp makes it easy to build these skills into my weekly units. By connecting students and their devices (we are a 1:1 school with Chromebooks) students are able to work together to create workspaces that demonstrate their understanding of the material being taught as well as lead and guide their own learning.

  • Allow my students to build connections with professionals in the business world.

While budget cuts have made taking field trips next to impossible, that doesn’t mean my students are stuck within the four walls of the classroom. Technology like Skype, Facetime and Google Hangouts make it possible to tear down the classroom walls and allow my students to hear from working business professionals. I keep a “Where Are They Now” bulletin board in my classroom that displays pictures, business cards, and brief job descriptions of former students. I plan to reach out to these alumni and have them visit or virtually visit my classroom this year.

  • Encourage my students to never stop questioning.

An inquisitive mind leads to learning. When students ask questions, they lead their learning. When the questioning, stops so does the learning.

What kinds of edtech resolutions have you made this year?


As part of your new year edtech resolution, download your free trial of SMART lab and SMART amp in SMART Learning Suite.

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