SMART partnership with Choose2Matter Angela Maiers

SMART partnership with Choose2Matter

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our global partnership with Choose2Matter, an organization built on the philosophy that every student matters, and that by finding their purpose, they can do incredible things. The mission of the SMART partnership with Choose2Matter is to enable educators and empower students to discover and develop their unique greatness.

The partnership is a natural fit, as Choose2Matter connects a worldwide network of young learners and changemakers, and we bring technology to classrooms that connect everyone and everything – teachers, students, devices, and content. Together, we help students to discover their greatness through collaboration in and out of the classroom.

“Together, Choose2Matter and SMART can grow, search and deepen the commitment to children and the mission of helping every student understand that they matter,”
– Angela Maiers, Founder, Choose2Matter.

We’re also thrilled to share Angela Maiers’s new book, Genius Matters, with all of you. This book is a step-by-step guide that helps teachers illuminate, cultivate, and celebrate their and their students’ unique contributions and share them with the world.

Download the Genius Matters book (18 MB)

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll share stories of students doing extraordinary things and contributing their greatness to the world. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to read these stories as we share them.

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Sarah Richards is a Brand Strategist at SMART, on a mission to bring students together and empower educators through technology. Sarah works from Vancouver, Canada.

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