Celebrating One Million Learning Games

One million. What an exciting number!

It’s even more exciting when it’s applied to fun and enriching learning experiences. We’re thrilled to share that in the two years since the release of SMART Lab, over 1.2 million games have been played in classrooms around the world. It’s inspiring to think how many students and teachers have experienced lessons and learned while having fun and working together.

Game-based learning inspires the development of valuable social skills, offers students a welcome alternative to traditional methods of learning, and has been proven to increase student performance.  Due to these benefits, along with the fun and energy it brings to the classroom, teachers are embracing game based learning as a staple of their instruction.

“Not only have my students enjoyed learning the content, but they also grasped the material (to) a greater extent than they did beforehand,” says Rebecca Penina Simon about gamification in her recent blog post.  Increasing classroom engagement through game-based learning is something that many of SMART’s Exemplary Educators, like Rebecca, are passionate about. The benefits are tangible, and when students are both learning and having fun – what more could you ask for?

Curious to know more about game-based learning? Check out this great infographic loaded with data about the value of game-based learning. What does game-based learning look like in your classroom? We’d love to hear about it – join us and share on social!

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