7 Exciting Highlights of SMART Notebook

SMART Notebook® is a key piece of education software available as a part of the SMART Learning Suite. Its features are almost endless, and include the ability to build interactive games and activities with SMART lab, and create quick and easy formative assessments with SMART response 2.

Here are a few of the ways you can bring engagement and interactivity to your classroom with Notebook:

  1. Creative digital pens offer a ton of features. Along with many colors, shapes and art styles for writing, SMART Notebook pen tools provide unique features like Calligraphic Pen, Shape Recognition Pen, and a Magic Pen that has invisible ink and options to magnify or highlight words by creating a simple box or circle around words.
  2. Text Pen allows you to edit, move, delete, modify or insert text objects without reaching for a keyboard! SMART Notebook’s advanced handwriting recognition accurately converts digital ink to text with just a few clicks.
  3. Flexible, innovative, tools to support teachers in teaching key numeracy concepts. Create and customize math equations and notations with the Math Equation Editor. The equation editor integrates with the popular GeoGebra add-on, giving teachers an easy way to demonstrate and interact with math concepts visually.   For younger grades, SMART Blocks enables you to perform math activities with your class by writing numbers on the page, and then connecting them to a SMART Block, creating and interacting with math problems. Learn more about Math features in SMART Notebook here.
  4. YouTube integration allows educators to search and embed YouTube videos into Notebook pages without any ads. The safe search ensures that content is quickly and easily added with instant playback functionality within Notebook files.
  5. Tricky concepts are easy to visualize with SMART Notebook’s 3D Objects functionality. Rotate, explore and label every angle of a beating 3D heart, or even navigate through 3D architectural buildings. You can easily import free 3D objects from online sources like the Trimble 3D Warehouse.
  6. Lesson Recorder and SMART Recorder are great tools for reinforcing learning. With Lesson Recorder, capture and repeat higher order concepts, strategies, and methodologies within Notebook pages. Use the SMART Recorder to capture interactions and voice, creating small video files that can be used anywhere!
  7. Save time with SMART Exchange. SMART’s leadership in education technology for over 26 years has built an extensive community of SMART educators – people like you who are passionate about these products and their role in enhancing teaching and learning.  Tap into this network and use SMART Exchange to download free learning resources such as games, lessons, quizzes, images, and more that have been created and uploaded by other educators here.


These are just a few highlights of SMART Notebook software, which is part of the SMART Learning Suite. Want to know more about Notebook and how you can bring all of these awesome features to your classroom? See it in action and try Notebook for free for 45 days.


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