Celebrating Fathers

Fathers are often one of our first teachers. From walking to driving, fathers can be the ones guiding us through life’s challenges, and teaching us important skills. Even as we transition to adulthood, fathers and father figures play an important role in encouraging, inspiring, and advising us.

Recently our team visited East Terrell Hills Elementary in San Antonio, Texas and chatted with Ruben Mena-De La Peña, a fifth-grade dual language teacher. Ruben’s heartfelt response, when asked about his favorite teacher, is a testament to the power that dads can have in our lives, and the values that they can pass on. Ruben has the privilege of passing down his father’s teachings to the students in his class, which is an incredible way to impart wisdom to the next generation. Teachers can have a profound impact on students, and it isn’t hard to see that Ruben is inspiring greatness in his students with his attitude and approach.

Hear Ruben talk about his favorite teacher, his dad, here.

To all of the fathers, father figures, teachers, and encouraging, inspiring men, we salute you! Keep up the great work.

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