Introducing MQ

We’re all familiar with IQ; the well-known Intelligence Quotient that aims to measure human intelligence via standardized testing. The role of IQ in education has a troubled history, particularly as society has begun to recognize that there is so much more to human development than recall and reasoning.

In our transition to the digital age, we’ve begun to see shifts in the types of skills and aptitudes that lead to success. Much has been written about these 21st-century skills, but one aptitude that becomes more critical with every passing year is the ability to make an impact. We live in a world where success often requires taking initiative, belief in one’s self, and commitment to a purpose.

Imagine if there was a measurement that helped people understand how much they matter? How much impact they are making in the world?

We know that every student comes to school with their own unique strengths and challenges. And we know that educators, and the classrooms they create, have incredible power to help every student realize their worth. This is why we’ve signed on to the You Matter Manifesto, and why we are proud to be working with Choose2Matter and Angela Maiers co-sponsor the development of “MQ”.

What is MQ? Simply put, MQ, or Mattering Quotient, will quantify how much a person understands their significance, and the impact they make within their community. It is being developed by a research team of PhD students at the University of Denver Faculty of Education.

MQ will measure components such as engagement, motivation, self-worth, and self-efficacy to come up with a single score. This number will indicate a person’s perception of significance, contribution, importance, belonging and impact.

Current research shows us that the confidence, creativity, and curiosity many children display at an early age are often sapped as they grow. Many come to believe they don’t matter, and that their skills or ideas are not valuable. It has also been shown that when children don’t believe that they matter, their academic performance suffers.

By measuring a student’s MQ, steps can be taken to help students increase their scores. By working to address and increase MQ in students, schools can take steps to help combat feelings of insignificance and improve learning outcomes. We are looking forward to the progress of the research, and we invite you to subscribe for updates from the MQ team.

We believe that MQ will be an important measure for all ages, since when we know what we matter, we can all tap into our own unique greatness.

You can get involved in this project, by subscribing or by participating in the research itself. Learn more and get involved now.

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