New Tools to Unlock Student Potential

Placing technology in classrooms is an investment on many different levels. The teams that choose and implement education technology invest not only funds; they put immense effort, faith, and dedication into initiatives in order to improve learning outcomes for the students in their classrooms.


Despite technology being a part of many classrooms for years, showing the relationship between the tech and positive trends in learning outcomes has been extremely difficult. With the complexities of implementation, adoption, and integration, schools often fail to see the results they strive for with each deployment.


In our 25+ years in education technology, we’ve seen schools experience great success, great frustration, and everything in between when it comes to the technology in their classrooms. We’ve observed practices that consistently support success and identified pitfalls that often stand in the way.


Enabling educators to inspire greatness in their classrooms is at the core of what we do. Exploring the relationships between technology, learning outcomes, student empowerment, and efficacy in implementation is critical to how we help deliver on that promise.


That’s why we’re partnering with Tes to launch the Inspiring Greatness content hub, featuring insights, tools, and stories that explore these topics.


The Inspiring Greatness hub includes stories of educators, classrooms, and students who have forged paths to success. These include an article from Lord Jim Knight on why student empowerment is critical, insights from academic school head Dr. David James on how to promote excellence in teaching, and thoughts from changemaker Angela Maiers on the difference it makes in classrooms when students know that they matter.


Along with Tes, we will continue to add tools and insights to the hub in the coming months. Head over to the hub on to discover new ways to inspire greatness in the students and teachers in your schools. Subscribe to the hub to make sure you don’t miss new items as they’re added.

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