Take Your Tech Success to the Next Level with Complimentary Online Training

We know that technology alone does not improve student outcomes. A plan for integration and training are integral to success for both students and teachers when it comes to using technology in the classroom. Did you know that we have teams dedicated to both efficacy and implementation, and to professional learning?

We also have many training centers located around the world. These centers and trainers can help your school through the process of implementation with face-to-face training and resources.

It is important to us that our training options meet your needs. Budget and time for travel are often barriers to in person training experiences, nor can one option suit a variety of different learning preferences. This is why we’re pleased to offer complimentary online training for educators and technologists. These courses meet a variety of objectives and allow for self-paced learning.

Online Training Options – Featuring 4 NEW Courses

Our online training portal offers a variety of options for educators who have different levels of experience and comfort with SMART software.

Educators who are newer to using the software in their classroom can choose the ‘Digital Educator’ steam. This pathway gets you started with practical tools and foundational skills for working with all elements of the SMART learning suite: Notebook, amp, lab, and response 2.

The next step in our training series is the ‘Digital Champion’ pathway. These learning modules help you discover how our software suite supports pedagogy and gives you practical examples of how the software tools and features can be integrated into your classroom.

These online training modules have just been refreshed to offer you 4 new courses that encompass SMART notebook, amp, lab, and response 2. Plus, 11 existing courses have been updated to give you a valuable learning experience.

SMART Certified Trainer

The third stream of our online training offerings is to become a SMART Certified Trainer. This program is designed for those who want to share their implementation success with others in their school or district, and become a trainer who leads SMART workshops.

Once certified, trainers are a part of the SMART training community, with access to materials and resources to aid in technology integration and training others. Trainers are able to offer paid training services and are listed on the SMART website to recognize their achievement.

New to our online training offerings is the ability to complete a SMART Certified Trainer course or recertification entirely online. Though we would love to see you in person at one of our global training centers, we realize that is not an option for everyone. Become a SMART certified trainer online today!

Have you taken a SMART training course? Let us know what you think so that we can best meet YOUR needs. Plus, be sure to check out the new and refreshed courses that are available now.

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