How SMART is Supporting the Wisconsin Technology Initiative

What is the Wisconsin Technology Initiative?

The Wisconsin Technology Initiative provides grants to K-12 schools and other educational facilities in Wisconsin to help advance their use of technology.  Through the increased availability of interactive whiteboards and more tech savvy teachers, schools in the state will now have the tools necessary to become engines of innovation that improve student engagement and academic achievement. The Wisconsin Technology Initiative helps reduce the financial and professional development barriers that educators face when attempting to integrate instructional technology into their classrooms.

We know that classroom technology, combined with professional development, and strong pedagogy can transform the way people teach and learn. We have seen first-hand how interactive whiteboards can change the energy and dynamics of a classroom, cultivating excitement and confidence in learners. This is why we’re excited about the Wisconsin Technology Initiative; we believe greater access to technologically supported instruction will improve the social and economic future of Wisconsin. Curiosity, collaboration and information-gathering skills, combined with a firm foundation of academic knowledge and thinking skills, are the tools Wisconsin’s youth will need to thrive and contribute as adults in our global, knowledge-based economy.

SMART’s Involvement

This past summer, SMART Training Centers teamed up with the Wisconsin Technology Initiative for implementation training and certification of 73 SMART Certified Trainers.  Make the Grade Training Solutions and Tierney Brothers SMART Training Centers conducted these training sessions that focused on how to implement and integrate SMART hardware and software into their schools.

Once certified, SMART Certified Trainers function as in-school champion and help organizations get the most out of their technology investment.  These SMART Certified Trainer will help their schools and teachers integrate effective pedagogy into the classrooms of Wisconsin so students can receive engaging instruction.

 “Training and professional development is the most important part (of technology integration); it helps teachers understand how to apply hardware and software into their classrooms in a meaningful way.” 

-Mike Kerr, Wisconsin Technology Initiative

We are pleased to support this exciting initiative and look forward to sharing the results that teachers in Wisconsin see from the technology and training provided thanks to the program. Removing the barriers that teachers face to successfully use technology in their classrooms allows them to do what they do best – inspire greatness in their students.

You can get started on your pathway to becoming a SMART Certified Trainer by visiting the SMART Training Website and checking out on online, self-paced options.

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