Why Attend a SEE Summit? Thoughts From a SMART Exemplary Educator

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Why attend a SEE Summit?

There are literally hundreds of reasons why to attend a SEE Summit.  Whereas, I cannot think of a single reason why not to attend!  If you are passionate about teaching and the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning then this is the event for you.  It is unlike any other conference or Summit you have ever been to and will exceed any expectations you may have. Attending a SEE Summit is phenomenal!

What is a SEE Summit?

The SEE Summit takes place in Calgary, Canada and many of the events take place in SMART’s Headquarters. Whilst there, you will be astonished by the amount that SMART has planned for you.   In addition, you will experience the immense passion that SMART has for learning and teaching, this passion permeates through everyone at the Summit.

Who is invited to a SEE Summit?

SMART Exemplary Educators, newbies (first-time attendees) and mentors (SEE’s who have attended a Summit before).  If you are new to being a SEE, you should still apply; all applications are considered and it is the combination of skills and experience, which makes the Summit so amazing.  I am lucky enough to have attended as a newbie in 2015 and as a mentor in 2017.

What do you do at a SEE Summit?

Well, I would hate to spoil it and give too much away!   

You get to meet like-minded people from all over the world; as newbies these people at first are strangers to you.  However, you will soon begin to realise how much you have in common and make lifelong friends.  By the end of the Summit the group feels like one big extended family, strong bonds are formed which lead on to amazing projects and collaborations after the Summit.  

You meet the executive team from SMART and they truly listen to your views, taking on board SEE’s comments and suggestions, valuing everyone’s contribution.  The passion shown by the President and CEO Gregg Estell and the Vice Presidents is truly moving. You know beyond any doubt, once you have attended a Summit that SMART cares about teachers and even more importantly it cares about children.  Education, educators and children are at the centre of everything they do.  Every attendee feels tremendously valued, emotions run high across all attendees and the majority have tears in their eyes when talking about the passion they have felt being part of such an exceptional company and tremendous event.

The Hackathon is a major highlight, teams compete to think of something new and innovating, the tech team develop entries based on teachers’ suggestions, it is immensely exciting and everyone becomes super competitive!

In addition to lots of CPD activities, which will inspire and motivate you for the rest of the year, there are also many tremendous events at each summit combined with amazing food and fantastic prizes to be won!  A super time is had by all, lifelong friendships are formed and memories are created that will remain with you forever!


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