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"At the heart of everything at SMART is the notion of connection to foster environments where everyone thrives. Our goal is to help you in creating connections that matter. Simple, intuitive, flexible connections that drive positive outcomes and inspire greatness." #WeAreSMART

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Join the Digital Collaboration Summit and discover the latest collaboration trends, best practices, and solutions for businesses.

Leaders from Poly, Huddly, Wired Magazine, The rAVe agency, and Intel host sessions on the tools they use to stay connected and succeed through the pandemic and beyond.

Do you want an event recap? Did you miss a session or two? Click below to view the session recordings On Demand.

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Top 3 Reasons leaders should be part of the Digital Collaboration Summit.

Although many leaders are used to some level of constant change, COVID-19 has impacted the world in ways no one could have predicted. It accelerated companies' digital communication strategies by an average of 6 years.  That’s enough to give anyone whiplash.

With an overwhelming amount of new technology and changing needs, how do you successfully increase collaboration, effectiveness and optimize productivity in a hybrid environment? Here are the top 3 reasons why leaders from the public and private sector should register now and tune in daily.

1.Join business leaders as they uncover the latest collaboration trends and best practices for businesses in the public and private sector:

GLOBAL KEYNOTE: Changing Collaboration

with Jeremy White from WIRED Magazine 

The global pandemic brought disruptions to the usual patterns of working for most. But how much will permanently change, and what might be retained from a pre-Covid world? This talk will examine these themes along with other issues central to employee engagement, from office space dilemmas, automation, remote working, and even the scientific importance of small talk.

Newley Integrated Visual Workflows are Driving Hardware Trends

with Alan Greenberg  and Dan Root - Senior Analysts, Wainhouse Research

In the past enterprise hardware infrastructure enabled some users to ‘do more with collaborative tools. But with the advent of COVID-19, at-home high-speed connectivity, and cloud services, we’re seeing visual collaboration software drive hardware deployments for every size meeting space. In today’s hybrid meeting universe, the specific application of a visual layer to communicate ideas, meetings, processes, and technical data is driving a change in how we interact with technology. Instead of using a mouse, this visual layer – provided by ideation software tools – engage us much like consumer-grade applications do, making it easy to learn and apply touch interactions to our workflows. While small teams have utilized touch-optimized applications for years, it wasn’t until we collectively were unable to share the whiteboard or sit in the same room that these tools leveled up from ‘nice-to-have to ‘mission-critical’. In this talk, Wainhouse Senior Analysts Alan Greenberg and Dan Root dive into how shared, mobile, and personal workplaces are benefiting from the latest innovations in hardware and software – and why this is so important to so many organizations of all stripes.

The Future of AV Design: A People-First Approach

with Gary Kayye Co-Founder & Director, The rAVE Agency

We've been living in a tech-renaissance of the AV classroom, boardroom, and meeting room for 25+ years. More than two decades in, our industry is designing and installing, for the most part, the exact same way. Sure, technology and products have changed significantly. But overall, we're still routing, connecting, and distributing signals from source to display and speakers — just like we always did. ​ 

But that's all about to change. And it isn't just because we're moving everything to AV-over-IP: AV over the network. (It isn't because we're making smaller, all-in-one gear either.) Nope.​ 

It's all about people. For the first time in history, we have a generation — a generation aging through the corporation, moving into leadership roles — that doesn't present, collaborate or communicate the way we do. Generation Y (the millennials) and Generation Z (the current class of students) are getting "influencer" and management roles within companies. They aren't into the idea of meeting after meeting. And they certainly don't need that "personal connection" like you and I do. ​ 

So, instead of launching into a discussion about what technology and products to spec when designing a room, we need to switch our thinking: We need to be people first. Technology second.​ 

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2. Emerge stronger by reskilling your workforce with key takeaways you can implement immediately:

Reskilling is defined as the development of additional skills to help an employee move to a new role, whereas upskilling is defined as the training that enables someone to become better at a job they already perform

Remote Selling Mastery - Using the Whiteboard to Differentiate

with Corey Sommers

Remote Selling for B2B sales professionals is now the rule rather than the exception for the foreseeable future. Many high tech and other large B2B firms will never return to a majority of full-time workers congregating in physical offices. Likewise, prospects enjoy the increased productivity and increased time with family by not having to travel and entertain hordes of sellers as they did in pre-Covid times.

In this session, Corey will show B2B sellers how to leverage best practices and technology to truly set themselves apart from the competition when selling remotely. You'll learn how to leverage SMART Technologies to:

  1. Set and confirm an effective meeting agenda
  2. Perform basic opportunity qualification using cutting edge "listen first" techniques
  3. Share dynamic content
  4. Enable prospects to collaborate
  5. Summarize next steps and follow-up in a professional manner

You won't want to miss this session on how to totally transform your boring Zoom calls into dynamic remote selling sessions that expand deal sizes and shorten sales cycles.

GLOBAL KEYNOTE: Embrace the Shake - Transforming Limitations into Opportunities

with Phill Hansen

Success, especially in today’s fast-changing business environment, depends on our ability to make "creativity and innovation" a continuous process. Leaders want to know how their teams can rise above any challenge and succeed no matter what comes their way. Whether it’s to embrace change, overcome obstacles, sustain growth, or take your success to the next level, they want to “Embrace the Shake”.

The term “Embrace the Shake” is coined from Phil's personal story of transformation. After developing a career-ending tremor in his drawing hand, Phil embraced his “shake” both physically and metaphorically by redefining his limitation as an impetus for creativity. Phil not only restored his artistic abilities, but he also became a much more creative and innovative artist than ever before. Upon sharing his message on the TED stage and millions subsequently after, “Embrace the Shake” has become a motto for many businesses to approach their limitations in a new way.

Phil’s powerful message of finding creativity within limitations will inspire you to stop looking on the outside and start looking inside yourself for resources that can transform your challenges into opportunities for success. And like Phil’s art, “Embrace the shake” isn’t just a talk, it’s an experience! Through jaw-dropping visuals and LIVE interactive art, get ready to break preconceived assumptions, activate your creative capacity, and bring fresh ways of viewing the task at hand that will culminate with success.

European Exchange: An Insight to Working Through a Global Pandemic

with Fernando Sanz from SMART Technologies

This session aims to showcase enterprise organizations in various industry sectors in Europe and the transition in their operations pre-COVID-19 Pandemic, during the pandemic, as well as concepts for operations post-COVID-19. The session participants highlight needs, pain-points and technological adaptation/innovative concepts required to maintain performance levels. 


3. Don’t miss the Digital Transformation Tools unveiling to keep your business moving forward free from office boundaries.

Get a preview of SMART latest innovations including the new features coming in TeamWorks. These new features will provide even greater integration, flexibility, and time savings so TeamWorks users can collaborate and contribute with greater ease. 

Digital Transformation Tools Unveiling

Because of recent worldwide business disruptions, employers now must embrace a more flexible and agile work model. This means redesigning the workplace, implementing new technology, and continuing or expanding support for collaboration between local and remote employees. Join us for an immersive session and see SMART’s latest innovations in action. Experience first-hand demonstrations of how SMART's Interactive Pro Displays and software optimize meetings, enhance modern conferencing, enable remote working, and improve training delivery.

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