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Kris Astle

Written by: Kris Astle

Kris Astle is a Global Education Strategist with SMART Technologies. Kris is passionate about the trends, needs, and the facilitation of change through EdTech to support teachers globally. Follow her ideas @krisastle

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Asynchronous learning will continue to gain momentum into 2021. It's an effective strategy that is used to allow for student choice, place and pace in a blended instructional environment. Asynchronous Learning is an important area of focus for educators everywhere as we enter 2021 and a big theme covered at the Global EDU Summit: Jan 18-29, 2021.

The powerful benefits of Asynchronous Learning Strategies 

Asynchronous learning strategies allow students to process information at their own pace, deepening the learning experience. These strategies:

  1. Increase a learner's intrinsic motivation by providing them autonomy and ownership in the learning process
  2. Drive deeper learning by providing individualized processing time and allowing the necessary repetition and review
  3. Help learners develop collaborative problem solving skills increasing opportunities for collaborative work and allowing for peer and personal reflection

Essential components to consider when developing Asynchronous Learning Strategies

Creating well-designed asynchronous activities doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming, but they should address the top essential components of asynchronous learning:

  1. Allow for voice and choice
  2. Make sure directions are clear and all resources are readily accessible
  3. Include structured opportunities for collaboration and peer-to-peer teaching.


Asynchronous Learning in Context: Chemistry lesson download

To put context around what that looks like, we’ve created a chemistry lesson available on the SMART Exchange. This lesson provides a guided asynchronous learning experience. 

Download the lesson - it's free in SMART Exchange! You will see how Asynchronous Learning can place in any learning environment and benefits our students by creating a learner-driven experience with an emphasis on peer collaborate, voice and choice. Get the entire lesson:

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