Every Educator should celebrate at SMART 360 - Here’s why


FREE game-based activities, how to adopt an innovator’s mindset, actionable blended learning advice from classrooms around the world and more - this THURSDAY

Happy #WorldTeachersDay! We’re celebrating educators around the globe - big time - this coming Thursday, October 8th. This can’t miss event is a whole new way to connect with and learn from like-minded educators everywhere and discover new EdTech resources for your classroom. 

This is going to be BIG. Virtual doors open globally for the first time at the launch party for this awesome, ongoing, virtual event. And you’re invited! 

Every educator NEEDS to be there. Here are some great reasons to spend a little - or a lot of time joining the SMART 360 launch party this week: 

Learn How to Adopt an Innovator’s Mindset

This season is a time when inspiration and encouragement can’t be shared so freely with students when they’re not in front of you. Learn how to adopt an Innovator's Mindset with George Couros and explore what it means to be innovative in challenging times with Mark Martin. These keynotes are sure to leave you feeling energized, supported, and ready for whatever comes next. 

Happening at two different times of the day, Mark and George’s keynote sessions are available live for a global audience - and they won’t be recorded, so don’t miss your chance to tune in live.

Blended Learning Experiences and Advice from Global Classrooms 

In all corners of the globe, teachers are facing the biggest personal and professional challenges of their careers. As part of Oct 8th’s event, 5 remarkable teachers from around the world will be sharing what life is like in their classrooms right now. From emergency remote teaching in Washington State to social distancing measures in Germany and navigating expectations in Sweden, discover how classrooms around the world are dealing with the realities and challenges of a quickly changing education landscape. Ask them your questions and connect on #EdTech, assessment, self-care, and more. 

A FREE License for the Ultimate All-in-One Anywhere Learning Software 

Need we say more? Just for attending you’ll receive a free license to SMART Learning Suite - which includes both a desktop and online option to supercharge cloud-based classrooms and connect with students anywhere, on any device. This easy-to-use tool integrates with other vital classroom technologies like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. For simple, engaging ways to create and deliver lessons that include game-based activities, formative assessments, and more. 

NEW Lesson Content and Capabilities to Support Your Students Anywhere

Discover free lesson content that can be accessed by students from any device, so whether students are in class or at home they can stay engaged with their learning. Plus a bunch of new and super-useful features like the ability to add audio instructions to lesson pages, and more. 


Teachers = Incredible 

It’s more difficult than ever to establish and continue growing strong connections with students when they aren’t in front of you in a traditional classroom setting. Join the 360 launch event for inspiration, resources and new connections to help you in your hard work to keep learning going strong. For the tireless efforts every single day and all educators do, we celebrate you. Come join in the BIG party! 

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