3 Live discussions for educators everywhere

3 LIVE discussions for Educators Everywhere: The common challenges teachers are facing - Blended Learning, how to adopt an Innovator’s Mindset, and Making Asynchronous Learning Work

Yesterday’s #WorldTeachersDay was a bright light in our challenging times. The outpouring of appreciation, love and support for teachers worldwide started our week on a very positive note.  

It goes without saying that #WorldTeaches Day is especially important this year as teachers, educators and administrators continue to go above and beyond no matter the circumstances - across hybrid, remote, and blending learning environments that can feel chaotic at the best of times. 

The spirit of #WorldTeachersDay is continuing all week at SMART 360 - a new platform for educators everywhere to connect, have real discussions on urgent matters, and discover new ideas and EdTech solutions to support their important work.

Here are 3 LIVE (and FREE) discussions coming up THIS WEEK.

Every educator is welcome - from everywhere and anywhere.

1. The power of an Innovator’s Mindset

Carol Dweck’s work has focused on the ideas of “fixed” and “growth” mindset, yet educators must go further to create learning opportunities students deserve. Join this Keynote with George Couros (@gcouros) to discuss the “The Innovator’s Mindset” and how to leverage technology for all learners.

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THIS Thursday, Oct 8th,  7-8PM EDT

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2: Blended Learning Stories and Advice from Around the Globe

Educators around the globe are coming together for a virtual roundtable discussion on their blended learning experiences and successes across in-person, hybrid, and remote learning classrooms. Hear what has worked, what they’ve learned about equity, connection and more, and ask questions about what the future may look like.

Join this DIscussion on Blended Learning @ SMART 360

THIS Thursday, Oct 8th, 2-2:40PM EDT

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3. Making Asynchronous Learning Really Work

Let’s focus on asynchronous learning activities that give students the opportunity to engage with content and work at their own pace in any environment. Join this discussion with EdTech Strategists and discuss ideas on how to structure asynchronous activities that support higher level thinking, include peer collaboration, and provide insight to student learning in a blended learning environment.

Join this discussion on Asynchronous Learning @ SMART 360

THIS Thursday, OCt 8th, 3-4PM EDT

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