Did You Know? Your Chromebooks work with SMART

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Educators like you around the world use Chromebooks in their classrooms every day. Did you know that SMART products complement Chromebooks, giving teachers more opportunities to engage students? This helps schools make the most of their investment in these economical devices, and provides valuable ways to engage students.

Here’s how Chromebooks and SMART Learning Suite  Online (SLS Online) work together:

Opening, creating and completing lessons

SLS Online allows teachers to create and share activities and assessments directly from their Chromebook™. Create brand new content in SLS Online on a Chromebook, upload existing content (e.g. SMART Notebook® files or PDFs) and modify that content, or create new activities, which you can then distribute to students to follow along with and complete on their own Chromebooks.

With their lessons on their devices, students can follow along at a pace dictated by the teacher, or complete interactive assignments at their own pace.

When it’s time to check student understanding, teachers can quickly create a Shout it Out! activity that students can complete on their Chromebooks before moving on to the next lesson.

When it comes to group work, problem-based and self-directed learning, students can easily collaborate in a shared workspace in SLS Online using their Chromebooks, bringing in a wide variety of content to a shared space to explain and express their ideas. Students get to share their voice by using screen share to present their canvas to the whole class.

Wireless screen sharing

If you’re using a SMART Board® 6000 or 7000 series in your classroom, wireless screen sharing makes it easy for you and students to display content everyone can see. Students can access and share any content that’s on their Chromebook to the entire classroom by displaying it on the board.

Continue using the Chromebooks you know and love

These are just some of the ways SLS Online works seamlessly with the Chromebooks in your classroom. Stay tuned as we plan to explore all the ways Google products integrate easily with SMART products.

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