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No two lessons are alike. Even if you’ve carefully planned a lesson or delivered it before, the needs, ideas and voices of each class will take the lesson in a new direction. That’s why iQ 3.7 brings new features to your Notebook Player whiteboard app, all designed to give you more flexibility during lesson delivery. 

Creating and delivering lessons is even easier for teachers with iQ 3.7


The newest update to your SMART interactive display with iQ built-in Android features enhancements to make creating and delivering lessons in the Notebook Player whiteboard even easier.

Here are the top 4 newest iQ 3.7 Notebook Player whiteboard features every teacher should know about for more flexible lesson delivery:

  1. Delete a pageYou can now delete a page within your lesson - fast and easy.
  2. Undo & Redo:  When you press the Undo button, the Redo button appears next to it - keeping it easy and flexible as you make changes to your lessons.
  3. Six new page backgrounds:  Easily change backgrounds by scrolling through the new background selector tool. These include legal paper, isometric grids and brick wall backgrounds. 
  4. Locking or unlocking  images:  You can create your own page templates instantly, by bringing in an image - or even a drawing - locking it, and then writing over top.

See the new features with iQ 3.7 in action 


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