Did you know? SMART Admin Portal Makes Software Management Easy

Did you know that SMART offers an online portal for you to easily provision teachers and manage your SMART software subscriptions? It’s called the SMART Admin Portal.

Provisioning teachers through the SMART Admin Portal (instead of by license key) offers easy subscription management and additional features, including:

For administrators:

  • Flexible subscription management– Using the SMART Admin Portal, you can easily claim SMART software included with your purchase of a SMART Board® interactive display, view existing subscription information and manage access for users.
  • Easy integration with systems you already use – If you’re using ClassLink, Google or Microsoft Azure, automatic provisioning allows you to sync a list of teachers. Changes you make in ClassLink, Google or Microsoft Azure are automatically reflected in the SMART Admin Portal.


For teachers:

  • Flexible access to software – Account provisioning allows teachers to use SMART software from any compatible computer or device (including at home or on the go), simply by signing in. So, installations are not limited by license key.
  • Extra access and lesson delivery features – Signed in teachers have access to SMART Learning Suite Online, can connect student devices to activities in SMART Notebook®and have access to SMART Training and the free lessons and classroom resources on SMART Exchange®.

Learn more about the SMART Admin Portal and how it can make your life easier today!


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