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Teodora Kamburov

Written by: Teodora Kamburov

"Technology is a necessity in today's schools. We don't just go to the "computer lab" anymore. Instead, we use technology as a medium through which we accomplish complex educational goals."

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Using game-based activities, individual Handouts, and more to help students engage with a Life Cycles unit

Guy Colnbrook sought to increase student engagement in his Science lessons at King's Rochester Preparatory School in Rochester, Kent, United Kingdom. He chose to use Lumio's game-based activities, individual Handouts, and graphic organizers to ensure students were actively involved in learning the curriculum for his Life Cycles unit. 

In one individual Handout, students completed an experiment using Lumio's Scientific Method graphic organizer, which Guy converted to an individual Handout. He used several Handouts throughout the unit as well as game-based activities to encourage student engagement and practice, resulting in an end-of-topic class average increase of 14 percent and many students requesting that game-based activities such as Monster Quiz continue to be used in future lessons.

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