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Giancarlo Brotto | Catalyst

Written by: Giancarlo Brotto | Catalyst

It's not what you know that matters, it's using what you know to help others do greater things than you've ever done."

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Independent and private schools have always been uniquely positioned in their offerings and exposure, and with COVID-19 pandemic has also meant that these schools have faced unique challenges. While they may have more flexibility to deliver engaging learning, they also must navigate challenges around enrollment and funding. This spring, SMART, in partnership with Catalyst, have put together a series of events to connect with and support private and independent schools; at one of these recent events school leaders had an opportunity to work together to identify and brainstorm around shared challenges that they are facing. 

Here are six key themes that emerged from that event:

1. Heightened Stress and Anxiety in Families 

2. Evolving Financial Barriers

3. Offering Virtual AND On-Site Programming


4. Recruiting, Retaining, and Training Quality Staff Members

5. Remote Learning with Younger Learners

6. Ongoing, Transparent Communication



Maintaining and Growing student Enrollment in Private and Independent schools during a pandemic can be challenging.

Download the full infographic to learn how leaders are tackling this challenge


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