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Easy updates for technology administrators

Your iQ-powered SMART display makes back-to-school prep a little easier with the power to do more this summer. Continual feature development and automatic over-the-air updates ensure your technology investment continues to meet the changing needs of your teachers and classrooms. iQ 3.8 will begin rolling out to iQ-powered SMART displays beginning in July 2021.

What’s new in the latest version of iQ?

New App Store

The new iQ app store will have even more curated Android apps for teaching and learning, all tested and verified to work seamlessly with your display(s). Our current popular apps like WPS Office, Zoom, VLC Media Player and Firefox will be joined by a screen recorder app, Microsoft Office, and many more education-focused apps. Teachers can also favorite installed apps to add them to their personalized iQ home screen for quicker access.

SMART will continue to add new apps to the app store based on teacher feedback to meet the changing needs of the classroom.

Note: Administrators will have the option to disable app store access to enable centralized management of app deployment through SMART Remote Management.

Notifications Centre

iQ 3.8 will display Android notifications, including notifications from SMART’s Tips app. What does this mean for you?

  • With the notifications centre, get notified instantly on what’s new and what’s coming.
  • Teachers get regular ideas and tips to ensure they get the most out of their iQ powered SMART display.
  • Teachers can set preferences for app notifications in iQ settings to turn off unwanted notifications from 3rd party apps.

Improved Whiteboard Experience

The iQ update will include an array of enhanced whiteboard features such as:

  • Text recognition & editing tools that instantly recognize and transform handwritten text to typed text.
  • Finger inking mode that provides flexibility in interaction and multi-user collaboration at the display. This feature can be enabled from the iQ settings.
  • Option to add images from live connected UVC webcam or cameras to the SMART display or the option to import images directly from the iQ file storage to the SMART display.
SMART’s commitment to Education ensures that SMART displays powered by iQ are simpler for your teachers to use with leading touch experiences and user-friendly design. This helps save time for administrators and helps teachers more quickly adopt their new technology – all adding up to a solid investment for any technology budget.

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