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"At the heart of everything at SMART is the notion of connection to foster environments where everyone thrives. Our goal is to help you in creating connections that matter. Simple, intuitive, flexible connections that drive positive outcomes and inspire greatness." #WeAreSMART

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Short of turning yourself into a cat while conducting a Zoom call, it’s hard to inject energy into the sheer number of video conferencing calls we’re in these days, never mind enabling collaboration, knowledge sharing and clarity among teams.


When web conferencing falls short, turn to SMART Remote Collaboration

While web conferencing is necessary, it falls shorts on many levels and often becomes a one-way communication tool rather than a rich, multi-way communication experience.

Thankfully we have been pushing the limits of digital collaboration – whether in the office or at home – for over 30 years. The SMART POV: Digital collaboration has to include both contribution and interaction. This POV has driven the design of its Pro series interactive display solutions for business.

Content is king: Information sharing is required

Information sharing requires access to content. To get more work done during meetings, employees need to access the applications and content they use at their desks, while also collaborating with colleagues to brainstorm ideas and solve problems.

If you’re working in the office, use your SMART Board® Pro display to engage with teams and participants wherever they are. Pro displays work with UVC webcams and Google Meet™, Microsoft Teams™ and more.


Connect your device to bring any type of content into the meeting.

Users can work directly in industry-specific applications, reducing risk by working off a single-source of truth. Identify discrepancies, make changes and get instant alignment during the meeting instead of after.

Easily create and deliver interactive training to remote and in-office participants by inking over any type of content like Powerpoint slides, videos and simulations, when connected to a device.

Keep participants engaged, no matter where they are

This helps keep participants engaged, no matter where they’re located, to improve information retention, training outcomes and instructor ratings.

If you’re working remotely, the 24” SMART Podium™ interactive pen display is a great way to bring the touch and inking magic of a SMART display into your home.

Simply connect your computer to the SMART Podium™ to write into and over supported applications while video conferencing. Write over files on the fly to capture feedback and collaborate with remote participants. Use red, blue and black ink to draw attention to key points.

With a SMART Meeting Pro® software Personal license installed on any Windows 7 computer and higher at home, you can prepare, review, work on files and collaborate with co-workers in the virtually unlimited interactive workspace before, during and after a meeting.

SMART Meeting Pro® software Room and Personal licenses are included with purchase of SMART Board® 6000 Pro and 7000 Pro series displays.


Security that’s smart

Security has always been important in enterprise, but today’s increasingly collaborative work environment is putting even more emphasis on its importance.

SMART’s whiteboard uses well known, industry-standard security practices to help protect your data as it is shared between the whiteboard board, a mobile device, email or third-party services and sharing sessions.

For end-to-end data security, Pro displays provide peace of mind.


Alright stop, collaborate and listen

While video is great for bringing more context and meaning to a meeting, it’s not enough to accelerate meeting outcomes.

Businesses need technology that enables teams of any generation and background to work better together, not just communicate more.

That’s where SMART TeamWorks™ visual collaboration software comes in. It’s designed to give your team the ultimate collaboration experience that is easy to use and flexible, from any device, on any conferencing platform.

With one-touch meeting launch, participants can join a connected digital whiteboard for all attendees to contribute, refine, add, insert, review and save.

Wirelessly screencast up to eight devices to the SMART Board with the Connected edition, using AirPlay, Google Cast and Windows® Miracast, and share with remote colleagues using supported video conferencing applications, so everyone is on the same page.

Keep your business moving forward equipped with faster, smarter decision-making skills and the best collaboration tools to get the job done.

Join the Digital Collaboration Summit and discover the latest collaboration trends, best practices, and solutions for businesses.

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