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Jessica Meacham, SMART Ambassador

Written by: Jessica Meacham, SMART Ambassador

Jessica currently teaches 4K through 5th grade STEAM and serves as her district’s CTE Coordinator as well as co-serving as the district’s Technology Coach. She has been a teacher for over 2 decades and was named Wisconsin State Rural Teacher of the Year in 2014 and National Rural Teacher of the Year in 2015. More recently, she was awarded an Herb Kohl Teacher Fellowship.

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Concurrent teaching

The main challenge I faced last school year was learning how to teach both remote and in-person learners at the same time. Juggling both of these situations was tricky!

This year, I am continuing synchronous and concurrent teaching as needed while also integrating Lumio by SMART. With Lumio, my students don’t have to struggle to see what’s on the SMART Board--they see what I am teaching right on their devices! 

Career connections

As an elementary STEAM teacher, I also want to emphasize career connections for my students this year. I hope to bridge what we do in our STEAM class with what is happening in the real world. Part of how I plan to do this is by bringing in guest speakers, either in-person or virtually, to talk about their careers in STEAM and how those careers connect to what my students are learning. 

While I have a few overarching, large goals for this school year, I also think it is important to take baby steps in order to get to those large goals. That’s something I want other teachers to know, as well--it’s all about the baby steps! 

Special thanks to SMART Ambassador Jessica Meacham for this post! If you are interested in trying Lumio by SMART for yourself, click here to get started for free!


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