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"At the heart of everything at SMART is the notion of connection to foster environments where everyone thrives. Our goal is to help you in creating connections that matter. Simple, intuitive, flexible connections that drive positive outcomes and inspire greatness." #WeAreSMART

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Save your seat for the Global EDU Summit launching January 18. Two weeks dedicated to leaders in education, the Global EDU Summit offers daily keynotes and engaging workshops designed to create more active learning for all in 2021. We have a riveting program of thought leaders from our global partners designed to connect us in the conversations we need to have to continue to push education forward in 2021.

Here is what you can expect in week one of the Global EDU Summit. Save your seat and tune in daily. It's free!

Tune in daily for keynotes designed to continue to push education forward in 2021. No matter what.

Be part of the Global EDU Summit

Monday, January 18 @ 9am ET

We launch with Learnit!

Learnit’s mission is to create a better world by catalyzing change in education globally. We are excited to unite our global education community at SMART 360 with Learnit leading us in an intellectually honest conversation about the current state of learning. With new waves of lockdowns and remote learning a reality around the world, we will discuss how we can continue to revolutionize education right now. No matter what.


Tuesday, January 19 @ 10am ET

Six Seconds, She Thrives & Catalyst discuss SEL

The pandemic revealed how important SEL strategies are for cultivating safe learning environments for students. But how do we foster wellbeing for educators? Join Six Seconds, SheThrives, and Catalyst to discuss strategies and tools to strengthen the resilience of our educators in 2021.  Learn more


Tuesday, January 19 @ 12pm ET

Digital Promise Global brings innovation from the League of Innovative Schools

Join us to discuss learning and leadership practices that will continue to improve student outcomes in 2021 - no matter what. Dewayne J. McClary will host this conversation with the most forward-thinking leaders from the League of Innovative Schools. Learn more


Wednesday, January 20 @ 12pm ET

Professor Stephen Heppell puts the pieces together for 2021

He has often been described as Europe’s leading online education expert and he has a wealth of experience in the use of ICT in education. So we’re delighted to have English educator Stephen Heppell joining us for the January summit. Stephen holds current and emeritus positions at a wide range of universities, and has extensive global experience working on education projects and doing consultancies.

Stephen isn't afraid to dive in to some of the less - er, popular - topics facing education, including student access to safe and sanitary washrooms for students in developing countries. Many of his current projects look at classroom spaces and the impact of environmental factors such as Co2 levels, temperature, and light.  His take on what we learned in 2020 and where we're headed in 2021 is sure to engage and inspire. Learn more


Thursday, January 21 @ 12pm ET

SMART Ambassadors are Ready for 2021: Global Blended Learning RoundTable

Hear School Leaders from across the globe discuss how they tackled the challenge of leading teaching and learning in their schools during our Pandemic. Join us for a global discussion to gain insight into their experiences and the challenges they faced. Leave motivated and uplifted by the learnings and successes shared. Learn more


Thursday, January 21 @ 1pm ET

Better Purpose discusses the Science of Learning in all classrooms

Better Purpose works with organizations that want to make a difference to education outcomes all over the world. With global reach and inspirational projects, co-founder & Director Alice Cornish will bring her inspiration and expertise to an interactive session co-hosted by Catalyst that will begin to explore common misconceptions in teaching and learning how these misconceptions can be unpicked and prevented in school environments. 

Better Purpose's recent Science of Learning Report is enthralling and can be found right here. Learn more


Friday, January 22 @ 12pm ET

Interview with EdSurge: How learning will continue to be transformed in 2021 and beyond

In 2021, educators, school and district leaders, and technology providers grappling with the pandemic will continue to innovate and to accelerate changes in our classrooms. Join us for Global EDU’s plenary session, during which Tony Wan, co-founder and Managing Editor of EdSurge, will moderate a discussion between SMART CEO Nicholas Svensson, District of Columbia Public Schools Educational Technology Director Sakon Kieh, and computer science teacher and beloved speaker Mark Martin (a.k.a., @Urban_Teacher) on how the pandemic has accelerated the integration of technology into pedagogy, and on how learning will continue to be transformed in 2021 and beyond. Learn more


Friday, January 22 @ 1pm ET

The Main Event: The EdTech Innovation Showcase of the Year! 

It all leads up to this - the global EdTech showcase that will bring you the technology you need to connect with learners in better ways in 2021. Learn about the latest EdTech advancements and SMART solutions engineered to support teaching and learning no matter where your learners are or what your classrooms look like in 2021. Learn more

See you there!






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