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Katie Novak

Written by: Katie Novak

"Let's spend less energy admiring the problems we are facing and more time creatively solving them together."

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The Global EDU Summit is happening this January - with daily keynotes and engaging workshops it's going to be a great start to the year. We’ve put together a riveting program of events that we know you'll find inspiring. Here we put the spotlight on some of the events partners and presenters you won’t want to miss.

Professor Stephen Heppell

He has often been described as Europe’s leading online education expert and he has a wealth of experience in the use of ICT in education. So we’re delighted to have English educator Stephen Heppell joining us for the January summit. Stephen holds current and emeritus positions at a wide range of universities, and has extensive global experience working on education projects and doing consultancies.

Stephen isn't afraid to dive in to some of the less - er, popular - topics facing education, including student access to safe and sanitary washrooms for students in developing countries. Many of his current projects look at classroom spaces and the impact of environmental factors such as Co2 levels, temperature, and light.  His take on what we learned in 2020 and where we're headed in 2021 is sure to engage and inspire. 

Better Purpose

Better Purpose works with organizations that want to make a difference to education outcomes all over the world. With global reach and inspirational projects, co-founder & Director Alice Cornish will bring her inspiration and expertise to an interactive session co-hosted by Catalyst that will begin to explore common misconceptions in teaching and learning how these misconceptions can be unpicked and prevented in school environments. 

Better Purpose's recent Science of Learning Report is enthralling and can be found right here

Six Seconds, She Thrives & Catalyst 

The importance of Social Emotional Learning in our education systems has only been heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic, which all of these impressive organizations know well. But where do the needs of educators fall in that? With Six Second's renowned expertise in Emotional Intelligence, and Ginny of She Thrive's mix of exercise, mindfulness, personal growth best practices, social emotional learning resources and more to support educators, this session on Tuesday, January 19th will help build resilience in and for educators for 2021 and beyond. 


Founded in 2018, Learnit’s mission is to create a better world by catalysing change in education globally. 

Digital Promise

This non-profit organization brings together education leaders, researchers, and technology developers, and works with them to find ways to boost existing learning opportunities and find new pathways for innovation in education. Their focus is vision, culture, leadership, strong pedagogy, goal setting, and the critical role of “people” in personalized learning – and they believe technology is a crucial part of the educational system of both today and tomorrow.


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