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Giancarlo Brotto | Catalyst

Written by: Giancarlo Brotto | Catalyst

It's not what you know that matters, it's using what you know to help others do greater things than you've ever done."

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Leaders of schools from across North America convened to discuss their challenges and strategies to ensure quality teaching and learning during these hybrid and blended learning days.

They convened in a Catalyst-style session whereby participants worked in small groups to co-construct a shared output related to their challenges and strategies. Below represents a high-level synthesis of their combined output. A more complete detailed report will be released in the coming weeks.



A variety of approaches are being adopted by schools:

  • Synchronous
    • Teaching in-person with some students then repeating it again for remote learners.
    • Teaching in-person with some students in class and remote learners watching at the same time.
  • Asynchronously
    • Students work at their own pace.
  • Hybrid
    • Teaching in-person with groups of students occasionally alternating between in-person and remote (synchronously/asynchronously).


3_equitable delivery

  • Schools are overwhelmed with supporting the many access, connectivity, and technological glitches that exist in their schools and student homes.
  • Leaders are overwhelmed with the volume of companies contacting them with new product offerings and services.

Student Engagement 

  • Some educators find it difficult to be creative in these new learning models and to engage/maintain the interest of their learners.
  • Attendance issues or students “ghosting” requires parents to take a more active role at home.
  • Creating rich, meaningful experiences is critical: 
          • Encouraging students to take more active roles during learning interactions
          • Leveraging pedagogy-driven technologies that promote active learning 
          • Pre-packaged kits for hands-on learning
          • Providing opportunities for smaller group interaction
          • Giving students voice and choice in their assigned tasks



6_Preserve Pedagogical connection

  • Educators struggle to build relationships and trust
  • Students value multiple opportunities to engage with their peers 

Learning Made Visibly


  • Multiple opportunities need to be created for teachers to gain an understanding of how students are progressing. 
  • Platforms that provide teachers with insight into student learning is key.

Developing New Skills

9_Jugle SEL

  • Multiple opportunities and strategies to support teachers, parents, and learners as they navigate new technologies and platforms.
  • Importance to instill confidence in educators’ instruction strategies so they truly know “they’ve got this!”
  • Professional learning for teachers should address “how to” but also “why to” – pedagogy-informed use.
  • “Technology is a tool, people make connections”.
  • Opportunity to develop new skills in learners.

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