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Written by: Bobby Hartzog | SMART Technologies

"I believe great technology can improve the classroom. Studies show that skillful teaching combined with great software and purpose-built hardware leads to better learning outcomes. This is why I do what I do: to improve student learning outcomes in and out of the classroom!"

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Ready for the federal funding: How SMART supports school and district leaders with long-term, sustainable investments in education technology that aid in regular and substantive interaction between students and their teachers. 

With three federal stimulus plans passed into law, there’s a lot of funding available for schools and districts across the United States.

We know school and district leaders have significant investment decisions to make regarding:

HOW to invest the allocated funds to meet the common challenges, including access to technology and the internet, digital curriculum and learning solutions, and supplemental content.

WHAT education technology to invest in (including hardware, software, and connectivity) that supports regular and substantive educational interaction between students and classroom instructors in both blended and hybrid settings.

WHO they will partner with to make this long-term, sustainable investment to benefit their local learning communities.

While you continue to build your strategic investment plans for the flexible spending available to you, I wanted to highlight the top three products from SMART that bring your principals, teachers, and students substantive interaction now and in the future—no matter where they are.

#1: SMART interactive displays: A long-term solution for safe in-person, blended, virtual, and hybrid learning.

SMART displays give teachers the ability to have regular and substantive interaction with students in school or at home, providing more connected and active learning experiences. Highlights of the features that support regular and substantive interaction include:

1. Video conferencing
Connect with remote students via videoconferencing at the display. Integration with USB video class (UVC) webcams and conferencing software and a customizable app experience brings all your classroom technology together so teachers can concentrate on teaching.

The display’s tools, such as digital ink and Spotlight, help focus student attention for enriched interaction between students and their teachers.

2. Remote lesson delivery
From the SMART display, teachers can share whiteboards, pace students through lessons, and engage students with polling—whether they’re in the classroom or at home. Students are more engaged in learning, and teachers can get real-time feedback to tailor the lesson immediately.

3. Screen sharing
While in the classroom, students and teachers can share screens to the display, allowing students to show work while maintaining social distancing.

4. Remote Management
SMART Remote Management allows you to maintain, control, and secure devices from any web browser. Technical staff can troubleshoot remotely to provide assistance while social distancing.

And let’s not forget how easy our pens are to clean: a big plus for students in school. The pens are plastic and easy to wipe down. Keep germs away as students interact and collaborate using your SMART interactive displays.

#2 SMART Learning Suite Online: Help teachers deliver engaging lessons, interactive content, formative assessment, and collaborative workspaces to students through their devices.

Teachers and students connect in real-time or on their own time with lessons that help them take charge of their learning while clearly demonstrating their progress. SMART Learning Suite Online creates an environment for substantive interactions between teachers and students—no matter where they’re situated physically.

#3 SMART Doc Cam 650: A great investment for students and teachers to safely and virtually huddle around a lesson.

The SMART Doc Cam brings details of the lesson to students live—safely connecting to every student, in-person and remotely—while allowing the teacher to get into the dirty details of the lesson.

Plus, the camera can instantly switch from "content capture" to "webcam" just by swiveling the camera angle. No more forcing the teacher to hold up blurry printed pages in front of a webcam. This has become the hero accessory for our hero teacher.


Check out more SMART resources to help you develop your investment plans for the funds available to your local schools and districts at COVID-19 Stimulus Guidance: How to navigate US federal funding for EdTech investments.



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