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Matt Wallace

Written by: Matt Wallace

Matt has more than 20 years of experience in the education field. As a former teacher, administrator and higher education strategist, he understands the challenges teachers face in the ever-evolving world of education. Matt currently works as an efficacy and implementation consultant, supporting districts as they integrate education technology into their classrooms.

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There's a SMARTer way to make word searches engaging for students.

Have you tried a word search to improve reading fluency? Word searches are a great way to engage students when learning new vocabulary or studying a new topic. They are also an excellent strategy for improving students' reading skills like scanning, decoding, and word recognition, which are vital components of reading fluency. Plus, let's face it…

It's fun for students!

But students today are tuned in to a world of technology. They expect everything that they come across to be engaging for them to absorb information. Most word search creators are designed to create puzzles that can be distributed on paper and not very engaging. While others may provide a more appealing option but fall short because they don't offer a way to easily share the word search with students or be embedded into your lesson delivery tool.

One-of-a-kind word search activities: Free and easy to use for teachers worldwide

With the Word Search activity in SMART Learning Suite Online, you can create and deliver a one-of-a-kind word search in minutes, and it's free. It provides an interactive interface, plus with the student share link, students will stay engaged because they can play the game at their own pace and review the puzzles at any time.

Joe Tucei, a teacher in Virginia Beach, Virginia, stated, "I had been looking for another way to provide practice opportunities for my students during their asynchronous learning time and heard a lot about this. It turned out to be just what I was looking for, and my students have enjoyed it."

SMART Word Search

Get started with this fun Spring Word Search
The Word Search activity builder is customizable to fit the needs of your learners at any grade level and across all subjects.

Input your own vocabulary, adjust the difficulty level, and then share it with students. Joe stated, "This online tool isn't as intimidating as others. I found that it was a quick process to get started. In fact, being able to use my existing District login credentials to create my free account was an added time saver."


3 Easy steps to get your SMARTer word search started - for free

Begin today by creating your first-word search for free in three easy steps.

  1. Get started for FREE with this pre-built word search example - sign in and save the example to your library.
  2. Easily customize the content to meet your needs and share it with your students.
  3. Ignite student engagement and help your students develop essential reading skills through a classic activity done in a fun, new way. 


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