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Katie Novak

Written by: Katie Novak

"Let's spend less energy admiring the problems we are facing and more time creatively solving them together."

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Global News: The Global EDU Summit at SMART 360 had a engaging and inspirational third day with sessions  joined by leaders in education from around the world. Shared by popular request, here are the articles and research referenced from the global sessions

Did you miss the live sessions? No problem! You can access recordings on demand at SMART360 starting February 1!

1. Referenced in 'Is Your EdTech Leading or Lagging?' - Are you remotely ready? 

When COVID-19 forced immediate schools closures around the world, schools, systems, and certainly teachers were left scrambling to deliver, well, anything. Global research showed us what it looked like to be prepared, and what capabilities are important to delivering effective remote learning.

Get all the insights by downloading the Remotely Readiness report here. 



2. Referenced during Stephen Heppell's Keynote - Didn't we know this already? 


The always engaging and insightful Stephen created a companion blog post to share more insight from his keynote at the Global EDU Summit about recent education learnings and how we can move forward - check it out here



3. Referenced in 'Is Your EdTech Leading or Lagging?' - Hear more about Cherry Hill

Mark Plevinsky share the journey that Cherry Hill Public schools has taken with the EdTech Assessment Tool. Read more about how they reprioritized teachers and student voice, and what this has looked like during the CIVOD-19 pandemic. Give it a read right here




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